Adam Podraza and Mayredlis Cruz

Ponte Vedra, Florida

Lighthouse Chiropractic
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Learn about Florida Entrepreneur Adam Podraza and Mayredlis Cruz:

Adam Podraza, D.C. and Mayredlis Cruz, D.C., founders of Lighthouse Chiropractic, are husband and wife entrepreneurs who found their ideal space after only six weeks in Florida. Their chiropractic office in Ponte Vedra is set to open in the Spring of 2017.

"We have family in Florida and knew we wanted to move here after Mayredlis finished school," said Podraza. "While driving around looking for a place to open our office, we fell in love with St. Augustine and knew this is where we wanted to practice and raise a family."

Lighthouse Chiropractic seeks to provide a family atmosphere for patients, offers Spanish language services and takes a holistic approach to healthcare. "Lighthouse is a business that wants to serve and help lead the community to better self-healing," Podraza explained. "We want to give the people of the community the option to take care of their body and let their own body do the healing instead of relying on other sources like drugs and surgery."

Lighthouse Chiropractic differentiates itself from other chiropractic providers by offering a suite of objective tests it uses to generate an overall health score called the CORE score. "Our objective testing begins with digital x-rays if necessary," Podraza said. "We conduct thermal scans of patients' backs, surface EMGs to check muscle tension and heart rate variability tests to measure stress. Those tests combine to give us your CORE score to evaluate you and show us a starting point for care and to track your progress."

Podraza's advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is to follow your passion. "You have to love what you're doing," he said. "It's not just an 8-5 thing. Your actions and expectations must align so if you expect to have a practice that's booming but you go home and watch Sports Center, that won't work. Accept that things aren't always going to work out and go through it step by step keeping your focus on your end goal. If you don't have your mind set on that, you'll get lost in the details and get frustrated."


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