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What drives Adrian Trotter, Owner and Founder of Trotter Media, is the ability to take a clients vision and turn it into reality. Like most small business owners in this space, Trotter loves the freedom and the creative aspect of his work. "We do web design and social media marketing, but, as a whole, I like to think of it as 'Web Presence Marketing'," he said. "We take more of a consultative approach."

Before Trotter Media, Trotter worked as an inside sales representative for a company that specializes in chat features for car dealerships. He did some social media marketing and web design on the side, but didn't go full-time until August 2015. "My cousin is an entrepreneur," Trotter said. "He runs a cell phone repair shop. He put the bug in my ear to quit my day job and go full-time on my business. We were actually partners at first under the name, 'Social Marketing Solutions'. Eventually it became too much for him and I re-branded to Trotter Media."

Trotter studied digital graphics at Mainland High School as part of the Academy of Multimedia Technology. Coming out of high school, he was Adobe certified in Photoshop and was already doing side jobs for people that needed logos or websites. He further honed his technical skills while at Daytona State College. Trotter's background is a true mix of formal training and self-taught. He's currently getting re-certified in Adobe Illustrator.

Trotter reflected on some early challenges and the hurdles he's currently facing. "The biggest challenge in the beginning was getting clients and getting the word out," he said. "Pricing yourself right was another big one. Doing the value portion and then "niching" yourself down. I've learned this year to stay in my lane. My focus is on the health and wellness niche. Presently, I'm dealing with operational challenges like organization and processes. That includes things like vetting CRMs."

Trotter's niche and his central location contribute to the uniqueness of his business. "With such a focus on the medical industry, we know the specific challenges very well," he said. "We help our clients understand how their clients and patients see them. We help them better articulate what they can do for their clients. A good example of this is our recent project with Apex Clinical Labs." Trotter Media operates out of the UCF Business Incubator in Daytona Beach. "A SCORE mentor suggested the idea of working out of the incubator," Trotter said. "He introduced me to the Director and, after an application and interview process, I was approved. It's been a great opportunity."

Trotter has big plans for the future of his company. He expects the headquarters to remain in Volusia County, but anticipates tremendous growth. "I want to get my agency to $150 million with three different locations," he said. "I want a very large employee base to allow us to quickly and thoroughly respond to a variety of client demands."

Trotter offers up some great advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. "Start with cash-flow first," he said. "Also, if you have an idea, try to prototype it out first. Get potential consumers to bite into that first." Trotter also recommends the podcast 'Entrepreneur on Fire' and the book 'Crushing It' by Gary Vaynerchuk. According to Trotter, Crushing It details the dedication and level of work needed to maintain a solid and lasting social media presence.


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