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Concepta Strategies LLC
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After graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Design, Adriana Madrinan, Founder of Concepta Strategies, moved from Bogota, Colombia, to Chicago to pursue additional education. In June 2000, with an MBA and a Master's Degree in Integrated Marketing and Communications from Loyola University, she started a career with Starcom, one of the largest media networks in the world.

Over the next five and a half plus years, Madrinan served as Regional Associate Director for Visa Latin America and as Media Supervisor for P&G Latin America. She'd go on to work as a consultant for Starcom for another two and a half years before accepting a Director of Marketing and Communications position with Education First Inc. From August 2008 to August 2010, Madrinan led marketing and communications strategy for four early childhood schools in Broward County as well as the Education First Inc. International Institute for Spanish Speaking Markets in Europe and Latin America. Her efforts resulted in school capacity after six months of a communication campaign, despite the 2008 economic crisis. From 2010 through 2016, Madrinan worked with Starcom two more times. As part of her last assignment, she developed and implemented Latin American marketing strategies for top multinational brands including Mondelez, Avon, Mead Johnson and Brown Forman. As Madrinan shared, the year 2010 kicked off a very busy season in her life.

"In addition to working with Starcom, I served as Forum Leader for Renaissance Executive Forums. In that role I created, led and facilitated training programs for CEOs and senior executives focusing on business model optimization, strategic planning, and communications. I also delivered multiple strategic business presentations that had a direct impact on the mid and long-term vision and growth for several companies in the U.S. and Latin America. This is also the year I launched Concepta Strategies. Through my experience with different organizations, I was able to see that when companies didn't have the right business objectives, they were wasting their time and money. I focused on building business strategies, frameworks and models to give companies, of all sectors and sizes, access to proper advice on business strategy and innovation so that they can bring prosperity to owners, employees, clients, and the community."

From the start, Madrinan was focused on using her connections to grow the business. She utilized the relationships she built with previous clients and took advantage of numerous networking opportunities. Getting involved with organizations like SBDC, The Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance and BNI helped to spread the word. In a world of consultants, coaches and mentors, Madrinan's experience and skill set have allowed her to develop an approach that's unique and highly effective.

"Everything changes so fast," she said. "Often times, it's not clear to business owners how to evolve and transform their business. The ones that are constantly innovating, without being disruptive, are the successful businesses. I work with business owners to develop a new vision and a fresh perspective by helping them find new markets and creating business objectives. For this, I take a five step approach. The first thing is to understand their competition and business environment. From there, I teach them how to review their value proposition and narrow this down to one paragraph. The next thing we work on is the actual business model. Once we establish and evaluate the model, we review the mission, values, vision and purpose, we do an innovation session to take the business model to the next level. Finally, I show them how to develop a business action plan for the year. I teach the theory, but I also coach my clients how to apply it."

Madrinan loves what she does. Her joy comes from seeing companies take their business to the next level. She also loves to teach and enjoys giving smaller companies access to consulting and coaching. Madrinan shared that, when she does her workshops, she's able to see a clear transformation in the business owners. They become passionate, whereas before, it was just a job.

As you might expect, Madrinan's future goals are very specific and focused on helping others with her practice. "I have an annual plan consisting of five pillars," she said. "The first is to focus on my consulting where companies get ready to move into the future and align their teams. The second is a focus on my workshops. I'm currently looking for businesses in Broward County that are willing to see their companies through a magnifying glass for two days and come out full of ideas and opportunities to stay relevant. The third pillar is to move more of my business online as a way to reach my clients in Latin America. The fourth is to improve the quality of the networking I do in Broward and Miami-Dade Counties. My methodology has been applied across all industries from cybersecurity to catering services, insurance, and manufacturing, among others. The last thing I want to focus on is giving back and working with non-profit organizations to extend my services. I'm focused on social innovation and social entrepreneurship space. These people are passionate, but they have gaps in business where I can be of assistance."

What advice does Madrinan have for aspiring entrepreneurs? "First of all, make sure you have a good strategy," she said. “That will be your north star. Things are changing fast and you have to be prepared. Second, you need courage. In reality, it takes time to build a business and to gain credibility. Lastly, be consistent, persistent and make sure you know where you want to go."


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