Aerial and Wesley Williams

New Smyrna Beach, Florida

Pioneer Chiropractic

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Learn about Florida Entrepreneur Aerial and Wesley Williams:

Aerial and Wesley Williams, husband and wife, Doctors of Chiropractic and founders of Pioneer Chiropractic are on a mission to promote a legacy of health and healing for future generations. Certified in the Grostic and Webster Techniques, which focus on upper cervical chiropractic care and chiropractic care during pregnancy, respectively, Aerial and Wesley are intent on serving and improving the health and happiness of the residents of New Smyrna Beach and the surrounding communities.

"We're both from North Florida," Aerial shared. "After graduating from college in 2015, we also both decided to continue our education at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Port Orange. We didn't know each other at the time, but met once we were both enrolled and attending classes. We ended up getting married and graduated together this past March. We immediately settled in New Smyrna Beach, an area we both love and visited often as kids."

Aerial and Wesley also immediately put the wheels in motion to start their own chiropractic clinic. Actually, it's probably more accurate to say "continued" to put the wheels in motion. As they shared, this idea was planted some years back.

"I first experienced chiropractic care when I was an undergraduate," Aerial said. "The care I received had a pretty big effect on me, but Wesley experienced it much earlier in life. In fact, he was under chiropractic care ever since he was a kid. As a result, he and his family were always very healthy. They never had the chronic issues that so many kids suffer with nowadays. He felt called to be a chiropractor at a young age."

The plan was always to start their own practice. While most graduates of chiropractic schools first become associates, Aerial and Wesley wanted to be in a position to do things on their own terms and find ways to give back to the community they love. Aerial and Wesley shared how they did it and where they found support.

"Going back to 2016, we always surrounded ourselves with people that could serve as mentors and those that would allow us to shadow them," Wesley said. "We'd go into offices and help with events to learn as much as possible." Aerial added, "We also got involved with a nationwide program designed for chiropractors that are also entrepreneurs. They encouraged us to follow our dreams and helped to get us connected in the industry. We committed to having our own practice and dedicated every penny we had to start the business."

Set to open their doors by the end of July, Aerial and Wesley are excited and determined to make their mark. They're taking a fresh approach to chiropractic care and hope to work with as many young families as possible. Their care is neurologically based, which allows them to focus on how ones spinal health contributes to the overall function of the nervous system. In the end, they want their patients to be happier and healthier versions of themselves.

Looking ahead, they'd eventually like to establish a mentorship/internship program for chiropractic students. They want to work with students and other professionals and, much like an apprenticeship model, help them learn how to run successful chiropractic businesses.

What advice do Aerial and Wesley have for aspiring entrepreneurs? "Find people who have done it before," Wesley said. "Surround yourself with people that will help make it happen. Also, utilize resources like SBDC and SCORE. Aerial added, "If you're passionate about it, you just have to do it. Don't hesitate."


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