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3D Digital
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Learn about Florida Entrepreneur Alan Worley:

Alan Worley, founder of 3D Digital, which is a GrowFL 2017 Florida Companies to Watch honoree, launched the company after getting tired of sending his clients away when they asked him for services he did not provide.

"I started MoneyPages, which is a print publication that we grew from Jacksonville into four different states," Worley said. "Our MoneyPages clients were asking us a number of years ago for websites or social media assistance, and back then our answer was no. That's why we formed a digital agency. When we started 3D Digital, we started by outsourcing work and got frustrated with the quality and quantity of work that people could turn in a succinct amount of time. That was the impetus to build our infrastructure and the fulfillment team. We've grown 500% for the last multiple years."

3D Digital is a boutique digital agency that specializes in creating custom solutions for marketing and digital needs. Its services include website development, video production, social media management, digital marketing and targeted display campaigns.

"Our most significant differentiator is the fact that all of our fulfillment is done in house," Worley explained. "Many agencies don't have a team of designers, developers, writers and producers that all work in house. We do so we can deliver efficient and cost-effective results. We also have a production studio to shoot corporate video in house."

Worley is grateful individually and for his team that 3D Digital was named a GrowFL Company To Watch.

"It's humbling to be recognized because we've worked so hard for the last few years from ground zero to where we have grown to now," he said. "It's nice to see we're being recognized for the hard work and attention we've paid to growing this company. It's exciting and very motivational for the staff and it gives them a pat on the back to see their hard work being rewarded. Lastly, it certainly provides a lot of credibility for our clients."

Worley's advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is don’t be afraid to fail.

"I encourage people to try to make mistakes as quickly as possible," he said. "You'll learn the lessons that aren't taught in school and that will get you to the successful path quicker."


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