Alexandria Agresta & Thomas Waterman

Orlando, Florida

Purpose Pioneers
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Ask Alexandria Agresta to give you the "elevator speech" for Purpose Pioneers and expect the unexpected. This simple yet vastly important exercise is a critical first step in grabbing people's attention in our fast-paced lives. Yet all too often, entrepreneurs fumble on this opening act. Alex, and the Purpose Pioneers, have it down to a science.

"At Purpose Pioneers, we believe that when we find meaning in our work, we experience real-time fulfillment," Agresta said. "We find meaning in our work by aligning every action with our purpose. We empower forward-thinking organizations to adopt the purpose-first mindset." There it is. Short, sweet and to the point, but that alone is not what makes it so special. It's the delivery. Agresta is bursting with positivity, excitement and, most of all, purpose! You believe in what she's saying and you want to be part of it.

Agresta and her co-founder, Thomas Waterman, are really onto something. The idea of infusing purpose, passion and meaning throughout every level of an organization is no longer pie in the sky type stuff. Businesses and organizations of all types and sizes are taking notice and engaging with Purpose Pioneers. Andy Clark, CEO of All Aboard Properties, recently hired Purpose Pioneers to work their magic on his company. "I was captivated by Alex's enthusiasm and Thomas's insight when I decided to hire the Purpose Pioneers", he said. "It takes time and money to go through the program and during the first day, a lot of time is spent getting to know your coworkers by showing appreciation. I was worried the program might not be productive, but we all know what to do at work and our productivity has already risen by feeling our love for one another after that first day."

Agresta and Waterman employ a 'Purpose First Framework' from which all activities are derived. The framework creates the foundation for rolling out solutions such as Authentic Communication and Purpose Alignment. "People need to be heard and understood, which ultimately lowers their defenses and allows us to identify employee's 'purpose types' to better align individuals with the overall purpose of the company," she said. According to Agresta, "To become a truly purpose-driven organization, purpose must be aligned with every aspect of the company in order to benefit all stakeholders."

When asked to give advice to aspiring entrepreneurs and new business owners, Agresta responded with zero hesitation, "Get crystal clear on why you're doing what you're doing. You're going to be very excited, but you need to settle down and focus on your core values and your purpose. Using these as filters during decision making will help lead you to a structurally sound organization." She also recommends reading The Purpose Economy by Aaron Hurst.


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