Alfred Novas

Bonita Springs, Florida


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Learn about Florida Entrepreneur Alfred Novas:

Alfred Novas, Chief Executive Officer and Director of Interactyx, which was named one of GrowFL's Companies To Watch for 2016, launched TOPYX® after a long corporate career during which he appreciated what entrepreneurs do. "I always had the desire to be more entrepreneurial," he said. "I have been in the educational space for a number of years across a variety of segments and viewed the learning management system and eLearning market as never having fulfilled its full potential since eLearning platforms were developed primarily for the benefit of the administrators. With TOPYX, my insight was to develop a learning management system with the learner at center of equation."

Novas and his team developed TOPYX, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering, after identifying that market need. Now the company is a leading education technology software developer providing eLearning solutions to clients worldwide. "We were one of first learning management systems to come out with robust social, peer-to-peer learning which facilitates learning between employees," he said. "TOPYX's value proposition also sets us apart. We offer unlimited users and unlimited bandwidth which is different from most, if not all, in our space, with a flat annual subscription fee. Our pricing facilitates both expanded use of TOPYX throughout the enterprise, and true visibility and transparency in terms of total cost of ownership of using TOPYX within an enterprise."

Novas is grateful for the increased visibility that GrowFL's Companies To Watch awards bring to his and all Florida businesses. "We certainly appreciate the recognition by GrowFL in terms of Florida Companies To Watch," he said. "The recognition reflects our team’s hard work through some very challenging macroeconomic times when we initially launched TOPYX in 2009 and 2010, and yet continue to grow the company each year. We believe the future is very bright in the growing edtech space where we are well positioned. We are proud calling Florida our home, onboarding new teammates and enjoying many other benefits of growing our company in Southwest Florida."

Novas's advice to aspiring entrepreneurs also includes suggestions on the importance of a company's location. "First, persistence," he said. "Never be so high when some things go extraordinary well or too low when things go bad because inevitably young companies realize substantial volatility, often on a daily basis. So a steady attitude is necessary. Also, ensure there is a strong ecosystem where you develop your company - to sustain recruiting talent and to provide a supportive environment for a growing company."


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