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ACD Telecom
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Alireza Shahnami, founder of ACD Telecom, believes that being honest and direct with your clients is good business.

"We helped a public safety agency pick a new vendor for its mobile data computers which connect to the 911 center through computer aided dispatch," he said. "We recommended an LTE 4G technology they could jump on and use immediately that was cheaper and more advanced than the others. Leasing the technology from the carrier with monthly payments allowed them to acquire the latest tech. We recommended that option even though it eliminated six months of our work and billable hours that we could have charged them if they went with a different option. They appreciated that. For our first nine years we didn't have to advertise because we grew by renewals and referrals."

ACD Telecom is an engineering consultant and project management firm for public safety communications throughout the US and its territories.

"We help with regulatory work regarding the FCC and FAA," Shahnami explained. "We write RFPs for our clients to purchase new 2-way communication equipment, consoles for 911 center and computer aided dispatch equipment. We help them with indoor-outdoor coverage testing to remedy coverage dead spots. We also design new systems including tower locations, technical parameters, and frequency coordination and help them all the way through the FAA/FCC process of obtaining new spectrums and waivers. We also do project management as a turn-key consultant."

Shahnami's advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is to go with what you know. "Be honest with yourself regarding what you know and what you don’t," he said. "You have to be passionate about what you want to get involved in and know your business really well. Have a niche; you can't be a jack of all trades because your depth of knowledge will be very shallow. It's a very competitive world out there. Stay vigilant and keep up with new and evolving technologies and regulatory requirements."


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