Alyssa Noel and Otis Wright

Kissimmee, Florida

Alyssa Noel Coaching & Consulting

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Learn about Florida Entrepreneur Alyssa Noel and Otis Wright:

Drawing from personal experience, education and formal training, Alyssa Noel, who's currently pursuing a graduate degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, and her husband, Otis Wright, are on a mission to help preserve the sanctity of marriage. They're committed to helping couples work through the challenges of marriage with one-on-one coaching, group sessions, online courses, couples retreats and more.

"Otis and I went through a tough time at one point," Alyssa said. "We've been married for seven years and together for ten. We made it through some hard times and wanted to share that with other people. Marriage is really a full-time job. It's important that people understand that. We wanted to start a business that supported couples along their journey."

Otis added, "We always talked about owning a business. To be honest, I wasn't sure about this business at first, but Alyssa kept at it and I supported her. She did some videos through Facebook live and they received really good reaction. A friend said that people gravitate towards us because we're genuine and authentic. We took that feedback along with our desire to help people and ran with it."

Alyssa Noel Coaching & Consulting was officially founded in November of 2016, about two years after Alyssa and Otis relocated to Kissimmee from Boston, MA. They focus on mostly young couples, between the ages of 27 and 42, that are either recently married or have been married for a few years. This is around the time when issues arise and, as Alyssa put it, 'People begin to realize that marriage is not always ice cream and cake'. Alyssa and Otis' goal is to support these couples and provide them with the skills they need to keep their marriages in tact.

We asked Alyssa, from a business perspective, what's been one of the more challenging parts of running and growing the business.

"Coaching is an overnight business where everyone is a coach now," she said. "You have some success in life, business and/or social media and you get into coaching. One of the biggest challenges is standing out from the other coaches and making an impact. We also live in the age of social media. Maintaining your online presence and keeping up with all of that is certainly a challenge. Also, for me personally, it's challenging being a 'mom-preneur'. Building a business and going to school, while raising kids is not easy."

Regardless of the challenges, Alyssa and Otis are not afraid of hard work. They're motivated by their strong desire to help others and to show people that they're not alone.

"Our mission is to help other couples," Otis said. "Through the challenges that we've experienced as a couple, we're able to get people to understand that healthy confrontation should help a relationship, not hurt it. We also help people to not feel so alone by openly sharing some of our challenges, including our challenge with conceiving and dealing with miscarriages."

Alyssa added, "Honestly, we like sharing our stories. It's an outlet for us and it's important for our clients to know that we're all human and we all make mistakes. We tell our couples to find the people that want to see them win. They need that outside support system."

Looking ahead, Alyssa and Otis are working hard to take their business to the next level. While doing their part to help reduce the divorce rate, they want to grow to a national level and become a well respected and sought after agency. They'll also continue to roll out their video coaching services as a way to reach more people throughout the Southeast and beyond.

Alyssa and Otis have some great advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. "Research your field," Otis said. "Understand all the dynamics of it." Alyssa added, "It's important to know that it's okay to fail. We all want to be successful, but sometimes you fall short. My first year, I didn't have one client. Nevertheless, I worked hard, identified a target audience and learned how to do a few things on my own, such as build our website. Continuous learning is key."


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