Andrew Hyder

Lake Mary, Florida

Hyder Gallery Center for Fine Art
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Learn about Florida Entrepreneur Andrew Hyder:

Andrew Hyder, co-founder of Hyder Gallery Center for Fine Art, leverages his backgrounds in painting, marketing and software development to secure the success of his business.

"From an early age, I was always painting and trying to be entrepreneurial with software code to build something of value," he said. "In 1998, I wrote some search engine optimization and marketing software that a lot of famous artists and galleries used. I eventually built a public company around it. Years later, I moved to Florida to help my family when my dad got sick. My mother and sister are master painters and both teach painting so I suggested we open our own gallery. Everyone could do what they loved and we could do it under our own brand. Plus with my marketing experience working with artists and galleries we could really market this thing and there was a lot of potential."

Hyder Gallery is a fine art gallery that displays fine art from local, national and international artist. It offers art marketing classes and represents emerging artists. In addition, it hosts painting classes and have just launched one called "Art Class and a Wine Glass."

"We have what I know of as the only fine-art, slide-show salon," Hyder explained. "It’s a seating area and bar where people can look at large-screen projections of thousands of works of art. It’s a really beautiful experience with classical music playing, fine wine and hors d'oeuvres available."

Hyder's advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is to follow your passion. "Do what you love and try to be as smart about it as you can," he said. "You can never fail doing what you love because you're not doing it for money."


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