Andrew Parker

Miami, Florida

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Andrew Parker, co-founder of Papa, knew he could help family caregivers after experiencing first hand the many difficulties of helping an elder family member suffering from declining health.

"My grandfather, who we called Papa, was diagnosed with Alzheimer's five years ago," he said. "My cousin, who is a co-founder, and I recognized the extreme difficulty of managing his care. We recognized the poor experiences we encountered trying to get a quality caregiver. We had no insight or transparency regarding his daily life when we weren't with him. We started by developing a simple idea to connect older individuals to younger individuals on an as-needed basis for example to take my grandfather to the doctor or to watch him. Due to regulatory issues we decided to develop an ecosystem and partner with the best home health agencies in the market.

Papa is a unified care platform that connects patients to home health services in their community based on their need.

"Unlike our competition in the home care space, we are not a home care company," Parker explained. "We don’t employ caregivers. Our model is to be the layer on top to connect existing home health companies to our technology and allow our members to access and manage their services. When our needs evolve, we'll add services like telehealth and lab testing. We're an ecosystem of existing services - a care logistics and management tool."

Parker recommends getting entrepreneurial inspiration by reading about Steve Jobs and Elon Musk while learning the entrepreneurial process from The Lean Startup by Eric Ries. "The Lean Startup helped us think through the process," he said. "Incremental changes are sometimes big. They don’t have to change the world right away, but they can have a big impact in the future. Those who want to launch their own startup should just do it. You can always go get another job"


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