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Port Orange, Florida

All Aboard Properties
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Learn about Florida Entrepreneur Andy Clark:

Andy Clark, CEO of All Aboard Properties, joined his father's construction firm after college and grew the business of 6 employees into a diversified property company with 45 employees in 2016.

"What we do is we rent space," he explained. "Whether it's renting self storage, office retail, hangars or mobile home lots, we unclutter people's lives, give them back their garage and give them peace of mind that their belongings are in a safe place with us. Our goal is to add one self-storage facility per year and we are already looking at hiring more people, which will put us over 50 employees soon."

Clark takes a kaizen approach to his business, an approach of continuous improvement, that keeps the company always learning and growing. "We own over 50% of the east Volusia self-storage market," he said. "We are the 53rd largest self-storage owner/operator in the world and number seven in Florida. Our focus is customer service, monitoring quality, salesmanship and staying on the cutting edge."

Clark's advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is as diverse as his business. "Make sure it's something you're passionate about," he said. "If you have passion, you'll work longer hours and longer hours certainly pay off. Sales is an overlooked skill. In any business, you need to know how to sell and be persistent and follow up and live up to your promises. Also, be active in your community, be honest in your dealings and think long term."
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