Angela Agnew-Brazell

Port Saint Lucie, Florida

All About Building Business

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Learn about Florida Entrepreneur Angela Agnew-Brazell:

Angela Agnew-Brazell, Owner of All About Building Business, has the passion, energy and positive attitude needed to flourish as an entrepreneur. Even though Agnew-Brazell is active within 5 different organizations, the focus of this profile is on All About Building Business and the incredible job she has done establishing herself as a trusted resource in the community. There's a very good reason why most of Agnew-Brazell's customers have been with her since the beginning.

Ever since receiving her BA in Mass Communications from Historical Black College, Rust College, in 1987, Agnew-Brazell has worked in the communications field. She previously worked as a Staff Writer for the Stuart News before accepting a sales position in radio marketing with Clear Channel Radio & Media Group (now iHeartMedia). Between Clear Channel and a five year stint in sales management for a local radio stations, Agnew-Brazell has a combined 25 years in marketing and advertising with corporate print, radio and internet companies. "In November of 2013, I stepped out on faith and started my own marketing and media agency," she said.

Agnew-Brazell explains in more detail. "AABB, LLC is a full service advertising agency that offers boutique services that target small and minority owned businesses, professionals, civic and community organizations and network marketers. We offer social media marketing, creative, website designing, media placement, PR, business planning and creative concepts. With my experience in marketing, advertising strategies and creating out of the box promotional ideals for small to corporate business, I wanted to focus my time on helping businesses grow and develop strategic ideas via social media in addition to the traditional forms of marketing and advertising."

Her signature service for helping businesses get noticed by new and repeat customers involves a step-by-step approach. "Be visible, be heard, let customers taste and feel what you offer, customer testimonials and get involved by attending events in your community," she said. Agnew-Brazell will work with you and your business to help you accomplish your objectives by following these steps. Whether it's through the internet, radio, social media or traditional forms of advertisement, her main focus is to get your business noticed.

Agnew-Brazell offers up some great advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. "Don't be scared. Focus on what you're good at. Get good at networking. Don't underestimate the power of a mentor. Remember that your time is valuable. You can't keep giving your services away for free, because people will keep asking." She also recommends reading The 33 Ruthless Rules of Local Advertising by Michael Corbett.


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