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Originally from Montreal, Angela Civitella, founder and owner of Intinde, has nearly 23 years of executive and decision making experience in various businesses located in North America and Europe. Before launching Intinde in June 2016, Civitella worked exclusively as an Asset Manager of a private real estate portfolio in Montreal. She also spent time lecturing around Europe about private and public pension funds. With her extensive business background and zest for helping others, Civitella found herself in a perfect position to launch a business designed to help leaders and business owners unlock their true potential.

"I've achieved great success as a negotiator, strategist and problem solver," Civitella said. "Having been witness and involved in countless interactions with business leaders from around the world, I wanted to apply my vast field experience and share it with others to improve their leadership and management roles. I knew I could create an effective coaching system for people that want to create change in their lives and explore their untapped potential. My ability to teach, advise and guide executives and entrepreneurs pushed me to deepen my own understanding of coaching and to get certified in the field, so that I could integrate my knowledge and guidance into the agendas of others facing the same learning curve I went through."

Civitella is a certified coach with the Management Mentors out of Boston, a member of the International Coaching Federation, and a member of the International Association of Coaching. Her certifications let people know she's legitimate, but the ability of clients to tap into her proven field of expertise, which is extensive, is what really sets her apart from other coaches. They know they're talking with someone who's been there, seen it, felt it and dealt with many of the issues they're experiencing. Civitella also assembled an all-star team of coaches with equally impressive credentials.

"All our of coaches are seasoned executives and have been thoroughly vetted," she said. "All of them have a story of their own prior to becoming a coach and are willing to pay it forward. They want to help make the process of entrepreneurship or ascending as an executive less painful and lonely. Our clients don't have to face that process alone."

When Civitella relocated to Broward County, she didn't know a single person. However, she was familiar with the landscape and from doing business all over the world, she knew that South Florida was a great place to expand her business. Between the ideal tax structure and easy access to many international cities, it was a natural "hub" for her expansion strategy that also includes Boston, Chicago, Atlanta and possibly New York City.

"Similar to how I felt when I moved to South Florida, when I decided to start Intinde I was anxious and nervous about entering such a competitive landscape," she said. "I wondered how I could make a significant impact given how saturated the market was, and still is. Rather than being overwhelmed by the size of the market and competition, I honed in and decided to focus on effectiveness and delivering custom-tailored programs for individuals looking for quality coaching. When I was coming up in business, it wasn't a known thing to hire a coach. It's really come into it's own in the last 10 years. Prior to that, it was a lonely and tough process to step into an executive position and accept a high-level leadership role."

Through certifications, patience, quality coaching and a strategic and consistent presence on various media channels, including radio, television, published articles and speaking engagements, Civitella's business has experienced steady growth. Over the years, she's assisted countless numbers of entrepreneurs and executives to better understand their strengths and realize their full potential.

Civitella shared what she enjoys most and what she has planned for the future. "I am grateful to be trusted with someone’s willingness to want to effect change," she said. "First within themselves, and then with their teams and businesses. I relish and welcome being a change agent and a shape shifter for them to accept and welcome a new reality, to bring their teams and businesses to new heights of success by merely thinking and doing things in a new way. My goal is to bring my business model into every corporate market in the U.S. that would greatly benefit from having such a service accessible for those who seek it and need it."

What advice does Civitella have for aspiring entrepreneurs? "My advice would be to do your homework," she said. "Find out what is missing in the marketplace that would make life better for everyone, and then set out to provide that very thing. Keep in mind that research, feasibility studies, financing access, talent acquisition are all factors that are vital when crystallizing your vision on paper."

Recent news about Angela and her company:
- Angela is now a content contributor for CNN Business on a free lance basis


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