Angela Kendall

Winter Park, Florida

Spark Rocket Marketing
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Angela Kendall, founder of Spark Rocket Marketing, has witnessed firsthand a range of outcomes for startups.

“I got my first taste of entrepreneurship at an offshoot of Lockheed Martin that was commercializing Lockheed Martin technology,” she said. “I was internal to three startups over the course of seven years. One was a successful IPO, one ended in bankruptcy and in the last one, the manufacturer’s top distributor recruited me away.”
Kendall uses her experience to run Spark Rocket Marketing, a full service creative marketing service company that specializes in helping high tech manufacturers of everything from sensor devices to nano-tech to millimeter wave imaging and more.

“Our super power is translating complex tech language into understandable language and then turning that into good strategy, brands, creative content, media outreach, and other offline and digital campaigns,” she explained. “We’ve worked with engineers, labs geeks, and CTOs to help them understand how to best promote what they’re selling. They have to realize they’re not selling and marketing to themselves and have to speak in the language of their customer. We love startups and entrepreneurs. We are passionate about it - we live, eat, and breathe helping companies launch their products and services.”

Kendall’s advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is to get a little distance from your business and perspective on its place in your life.

“Don’t get married to the product or service because sometimes your marriage breaks up. Love the idea of entrepreneurship but know there’s always another idea and opportunity to seek,” she said. “That helps you not fear failure so much. At the end of the day it’s not your wife or child. It’s still just a company or a thing. You can always move on to the next big thing.”


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