Angela Massaro-Fain

Sarasota, Florida

Grapevine Communications
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Learn about Florida Entrepreneur Angela Massaro-Fain:

Angela Massaro-Fain, co-founder of Grapevine Communications, is a prolific entrepreneur and philanthropist who launched Grapevine Communications because she simply could not stay retired.

"I grew my first advertising agency to the point that I sold it to a publicly traded company," she said." When the three year buyout agreement expired, I decided to retire at 42. I failed at retirement. My husband suggested I launch a new agency. Now we have 15 full time employees."

Grapevine Communications is a full service advertising, marketing and public relations agency that creates effective marketing campaigns to help its clients grow and be even more successful.

"We are one of very few full service agencies in the area," Massaro-Fain explained. "That means we can produce full multi-media and full platform campaigns for clients. It allows us to be proactive, not reactive. We look at things ahead of time and perform strategic planning for our clients to help them reach their long term goals. We don’t create things in a knee jerk reaction because a client called that day with an idea. We pre-plan everything."

Massaro-Fain's advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is to get involved in your community and industry, treat people well and plan conservatively. "You'll need twice as much money as you think," she said. "Plan a lot harder than you think you need to. Be honest and transparent with your staff and appreciate your staff because they work with you, not for you. If your staff is behind you, then you'll always produce something that is excellent. Get involved in the community and boards and affinity groups to your business and get your name out there to brand yourself. You will network with people who might be a referral source or brand ambassador for you."


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