AnnMarie Slater

Titusville, Florida

Healing Time

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In search of warmer weather and a chance to be closer to family, AnnMarie Slater, Owner of Healing Time, moved with her youngest daughter from Albany, NY, to Titusville in July 2018. Three years prior, AnnMarie, who works full-time as a Licensed Practical Nurse in the home health care setting, began her journey into the world of spiritual healing. She learned techniques, went on retreats, connected with others and practiced her new craft on friends and family. After two and a half years, she was ready to turn her new found passion into a full-time business and opened Healing Time, which provides alternative healing methods.

"It all started when I worked as a hospice nurse in New York," AnnMarie said. "An RN Case Manager told me about a free Reiki class. I signed up and loved it. I then completed level two training and was really feeling it. From there, I was always more focused on alternative healing methods. I started working on patient's emotional and mental well being in addition to their physical well being."

AnnMarie continued, "I joined a Facebook group geared towards 'light workers'. I met the founder when I went on a retreat and realized that all the people there were just like me. There were mentors and people walking the same path. Along the way, I learned I had a few more gifts, including Claircognizance. That's really when I started to feel the need to channel."

AnnMarie described the feeling as a 'pull'. As she shared, it's also a feeling that you have something to say that goes well beyond your thoughts. A particular experience with a friend made her a believer.

"I was sitting there before a meal and talking with a friend whose grandchild was not in a good place with her mother," AnnMarie said. "As we were talking about her situation, someone else at the table said the words coming out of my mouth sounded like a channeled message. I sat on that experience for about a year before connecting with a moderator at a retreat. We hit it off and, over the course of the next few months, she helped me fine tune my channeling abilities. Before that, I also became a Crystal Reiki Master."

AnnMarie describes herself as a Holistic Practitioner & Channel. She provides sessions for clients where they seek spiritual guidance through different modalities. They can work with AnnMarie to heal past trauma, current difficult situations or gather counseling for life decisions. Because she receives channeled messages, each session of healing is extremely individualized.

AnnMarie, who's happiest when she's working with clients and helping them find their own path to healing, is focused on growing her business organically. She's making connections with the spiritual community and ramping up her efforts on social media. For AnnMarie, dealing with preconceived notions and unfamiliarity with her forms of healing presents a challenge she's prepared to work through.

"People need to understand that their spiritual well being requires constant maintenance," she said. "You don't just go to the doctor once. Similar to your physical health, you have to maintain your spiritual health. I'll work through one thing with a client and then something else comes up. From a spiritual standpoint, the universe will drive you towards happiness. I'm not a 'healer' but I work with clients on their path towards healing and happiness."

Looking ahead, AnnMarie is working with her website designer to create a new website and a more robust social media presence. She has a goal to build her clientele to a level that would allow her to work with clients full-time. From energy scans resulting in increased range of motion to sessions designed to maintain and improve energy flows, AnnMarie is excited to continue improving her craft while assisting a wide range of clients.

What advice does AnnMarie have for aspiring entrepreneurs? "Even with the smallest amount of faith in yourself, you put your plan into action," she said.


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