Anthony DeNardis

Punta Gorda, Florida

Shop Local Media Group
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Learn about Florida Entrepreneur Anthony DeNardis:

Anthony DeNardis, founder of Shop Local Media Group, was so successful at marketing his startup that when he sold it, he decided to launch his own marketing agency.

"I started a couple businesses after college and one was cleaning houses part time that I grew utilizing my marketing skills," he said. "It began making more money in 12 hours a week than I did in my full-time job. That's when I quit to grow it even more. Eventually, I sold it to a franchise. From there, I started Shop Local Media because I knew I had the chops to market businesses."

Shop Local Media Group is both a media agency and a content distributor.

"We can develop video and we also have the means to distribute that video without having to purchase traditional ways to distribute it. We're a progressive agency that is always pushing out and progressively looking three to five years into the future to determine where viewer eyes will be then. For example, we knew video was going to grow and were able to put our clients on that platform so they were there before it grew."

DeNardis recommends entrepreneurs read the E-Myth and Crush It!

"You need passion, hustle, humility and patience," he said. "People feel they deserve a $100,000 paycheck in six months, but it's a grind day-in and day-out. That money has to go back in the business. It's five years. You have to be patient. Humility is huge. You have to be humble stay grounded. That's a key factor of character. The last thing is you have to love and have passion for what you're doing."


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