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The story of Antoinette Robinson, Owner of RECA Resources Company, showcases the resiliency, creativity and the “get it done” attitude that most entrepreneurs possess. Originally from the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area, Mrs. Robinson relocated to Port St. Lucie with her husband in the fall of 2019. She was beyond elated with their decision to move to Florida, but at the time, job prospects were slim. That’s when Mrs. Robinson took matters into her own hands.

After living in the area for a few months, she said “I quickly realized the scarcity of jobs in the business administration field. Then later, the COVID-19 pandemic hit, that was the end of any job prospects. Meanwhile, I’m applying for jobs and I'm terrified at the same time because of COVID!”

Mrs. Robinson decided to launch a virtual assistant business – RECA Resources Company. RECA stands for Resourceful, Excellence, Courteous and Assurance – qualities she represents and will offer to future clients. Mrs. Robinson is excited and optimistic about her new endeavor. With years of experience, a clear opportunity and a strong skill set, her services will undoubtedly help other entrepreneurs thrive in their business.

This wasn’t the first time Mrs. Robinson decided to start a business. In August, 2013, Mrs. Robinson established Tipi Toez Dance & Creative Movement, LLC while pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Ashford University. She taught toddlers ballet and creative movement in daycare facilities. She’s been a professional liturgical dancer since 1996. She has danced and ministered in Boston, MA, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Houston, TX, Philadelphia, PA, Salisbury, MD, and the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area. She also performed at various churches, dance concerts and other events such as the National Mall in Washington, D.C., Home for the Aging, Mother’s and Daughter’s tea and luncheons and Uniting Sisters luncheons.

Mrs. Robinson explained that she has given back what she learned by teaching youths and adults choreography for more than 15 years. She was also a member of several professional dance companies and a member of Women of Excellence – a nonprofit nonprofit outreach organization where she served as the Event Coordinator. She had to dissolve Tipi Toez Dance and Creative Movement LLC because of her move to Florida.

Her virtual company provides virtual business administrative services to entrepreneurs and nonprofit companies with virtual business administrative support to boost their productivity. Her services include electronic data management, professional PowerPoint presentations and other advanced administrative services.

“The fact that all my work is done remotely actually works out great for the small business owner,” she said. “The clients don’t have to pay for an office location, supplies, healthcare, or vacation pay. Clients will gain revenue in their business without the extra expenses.”

There are several reasons why Mrs. Robinson enjoys being an entrepreneur. “I love the fact of having the freedom to display my worth, the skills I accumulated over the years, my proactive qualities, and the freedom to be a highly motivated customer service focused professional,” she said.

Looking ahead, Mrs. Robinson is focused on several objectives to grow her business. One niche she has identified is providing her services to Realtors. These professionals are notoriously busy and would prefer to focus on the buying and selling of real estate, not the behind-the-scenes administrative tasks.

To become more marketable as a Realtor Virtual Assistant, she plans to focus not only on Realtors in the Port Saint Lucie community, but also on Realtors nationwide.

“I’d like to sponsor informational webinars for Realtors on how to hire a virtual assistant, the Do’s and Don’ts when hiring a virtual assistant, and how valuable a virtual assistant can be for their business by saving them time and money,” she said.

To achieve this, she plans to take virtual assistant for Realtors courses, virtual assistant webinars and research marketing strategies for Realtors. Furthermore, Mrs. Robinson added that she will continue to gain knowledge on how to achieve her goals by reaching out to her ideal clients and expanding her business.

In the future, as her business progresses, Mrs. Robinson plans to become a mentor of a team of virtual assistants in the community. She said, “I believe there are individuals like myself in Florida that are eager to offer their talents to small businesses in the community and beyond.”

What advice does Mrs. Robinson have for aspiring entrepreneurs? “Never give up on your dreams,” she said. “Learn from your mistakes and mistakes of others, research the industry, and never stop learning about your business. At the end of day, ask yourself, ‘What have you accomplished to get to where you need to be?’ Always set business goals. Most of all, have passion and patience in your business.”


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