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The King's Penman
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Some people prefer to play it safe. They stay in their bubble and feel most comfortable when things are consistent and predictable. Others, like Arlena Newson, founder of The King's Penman, are the exact opposite. They prefer to explore, enjoy stepping out of their comfort zone and don't shy away from new opportunities. Born and raised in Chicago, IL, Newson, an Air Force veteran with a knack for writing, moved to Washington D.C. after a dart determined her next move.

"I graduated high school at seventeen and picked three possible locations to move – one on the east coast, one down south and another on the west coast," she said. "Each location was written on a piece of paper and placed on a dartboard. I decided that wherever the dart landed was where I would begin my new life."

After moving to our nation’s capital, Newson worked in the food and beverage industry before picking up a temp job at an investment firm. From that opportunity came another to work as a Paralegal/Officer Manager for a law firm in Maryland. She’d go on become a Senior Paralegal for a different law firm in D.C. before enlisting in the United States Air Force. As Newson shared, it was never her plan to join the military, but the decision was one that laid an impressive foundation for future success.

“Honestly, I was bored,” Newson said about her decision to quit her job and join the Air Force. “I also decided that I wanted to do something that contributed to my long term goal of independent financial wealth. It ended up being a great decision and one that provided me with a lot of training.”

During her six years as an Aircrew Flight Equipment Craftsman, Newson was deployed twice to Afghanistan, volunteered thousands of hours, received two Achievement Medals, a Commendation Medal, numerous squadron awards, and completed her Bachelors in International Relations from American Public University. After her enlistment officially ended, Newson worked at the Department of Justice, the Department of Defense and earned her Master’s Degree in Public Policy from George Mason University.

In June 2018, Newson moved to Inverness, FL, to be closer to the love of her life and for the warmer weather, fewer traffic jams and lower taxes. She maintained her employment, on a remote basis, with the Department of Defense while also increasingly becoming more active with her writing. For years, she helped friends and family with resume writing, but recognized an opportunity, by November 2019, to turn her hobby into a business.

“Compared to Northern Virginia, the job market in Inverness is not as robust,” she said. “When I searched ‘resume writing services’, the closest business was located just north of Orlando. It was far away and their prices were really high. After recognizing a lack of employment services in our area and after speaking with one of the County Commissioners about the county’s five year redevelopment plan, I knew it was time to formalize my business.”

According to Newson, The King's Penman is a writing service dedicated to polishing your ideas and your image to provide you with the guidance necessary to navigate toward a successful path. Instead of investing in things with minimal return, Newson’s services allow you to invest in yourself. She provides the jump-start that many job seekers desperately need.

“Sometimes, getting started is the hardest part,” she said. “This is where I can assist by helping you with being the difference in a pile of similarities. I offer a service at a reasonable price based on the average income in the area. Additionally, my services can be offered throughout the U.S. because everything can be handled virtually.”

For Newson, the opportunity to help people gain meaningful employment while utilizing her skills as a writer is what she enjoys most.

“I enjoy helping people achieve their goals by finding creative ways to make improvements that reduce the stress involved in creating a plan to resolve the issues,” she said. “If there is a position that someone wants, I help them prepare for it every step of the way. When there is a problem that requires innovative thinking or products, I utilize the budget provided to resolve the issue.”

Looking ahead, Newson’s future goal is to build her brand to a point where her services become a useful and well-known tool for Citrus County high school students in need of direction. In addition to helping them find the right path, she remains committed to supporting and guiding them throughout their professional life. Newson’s long-term goals include building her business to a level that would support her on a full-time basis and possibly launching a political career.

What advice does Newson have for aspiring entrepreneurs? “Don't be afraid to take the leap,” she said. “The lessons learned from previous missteps will provide a learning experience that will be ingrained into the solid foundation of your company.”


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