Avery Piantedosi

Melbourne, Florida


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Avery Piantedosi, founder of LOIS, a personal safety platform, has been an entrepreneur for 14 years and developed the idea for her current tech-based company LOIS while working in her past real estate based venture. "I was showing a property to a man who obviously had something wrong with him and I could have found myself in a dangerous situation," said Piantedosi. "I was able to navigate through that showing but had things gone differently, I was in a vacant house and no one knew where I was or what I was doing."

Piantedosi began immersing herself in Melbourne's entrepreneurship ecosystem and connected with individuals who helped her develop LOIS. Fast forward to today, LOIS will be launching version 2.0 of its app in addition to its web-based service. "LOIS protects users as they go about their day," she said. "It is a personal safety system that will contact police or your selected contact person if you do not answer check in message. It's like invisible bodyguard with you throughout your day. You can share your whereabouts with whoever you want and it's triggered by you not doing anything with makes it different than other personal safety systems."

The soon to be released app will be available on Android and Apple devices and will have a new geo-tracking and geo-fencing feature that will track a user's phone when triggered by them leaving a 0.25-mile radius around their selected location. "Not only is LOIS based on a user taking no action," Piantedosi said. "But it also connects to an enhanced 911 call center that contacts local authorities for you. It is fully integratable with your calendar on your phone so you don't have to click twice. You also don't even need a smartphone. It works with landlines and flip phones so anyone can use it. ANother safety feature is that if your wifi goes down, it still works because it's connected to the telecom network. The competitor systems fail without a wifi connection."

Piantedosi's advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to first develop a solid monetization strategy and then stay the course. "Have a solid idea of how you will monetize your business," she said. "Don't start it until you figure out how it will make money. Also, don't ever give up if it is in your heart and mind to do it because you will have people tell you that you can't do it, and people who don't see your vision. Just keep going."


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