Axel Lopez

Kissimmee, Florida

VERTISA Medical Waste Technology
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Axel Lopez, co-founder of VERTISA Medical Waste Technology, is a U.S. Navy veteran who parlayed his Navy medical experience into a successful career in the medical equipment space. As an individual who admits he has the "entrepreneurial bug," Lopez was always on the lookout for entrepreneurial opportunities.

"About 12 years ago I read a New York Times article that handling and disposing of waste was big business," he said "I started paying attention to how medical facilities handled medical waste overseas. I found most of the time, out of pure ignorance they simply put it into the trash as ordinary waste. The second most popular method was incineration. Then I met Peter Hegyi who had developed a new technology to shred and sterilize medical waste in a more environmentally friendly and cost effective manner. We partnered to form a company to commercialize it - VERTISA Medical Waste"

VERTISA has developed technology for hospitals and plants that handle both small and large volumes of medical waste, from 20kg per hour to 2 tons per hour. "VERTISA has developed a technology to treat medical waste by shredding the waste first before sterilization while keeping the waste confined in the same vessel through both processes," Lopez explained. "There are systems that attempt to sterilize the waste while it remains in the container. We shred the red bags to expose all the elements to be sterilized, which reduces volume and guarantees sterilization due to its total exposure."

Lopez is an experienced international businessman and published author. His book "How To Do Successful Business In Latin America" is used by U.S. universities to teach international business. Lopez's advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is to go for it if you have the entrepreneurial drive.

"These days there are more resources than ever before to assist entrepreneurs to succeed," he said. "If you have the bug, get started and make the decision to go for it and do it. There will be people along the way who will support you. I have found people are happy to help by introducing you to someone or connecting you with other resources. If you want to succeed, you can in today's resource rich entrepreneurial ecosystem."


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