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Tampa, Florida

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Bala Nemani, the founder of eTeki, was frustrated for years with the hiring process for technology positions so he created his own solution.

"I started working in software development out of college. After showing my peers I was a credible professional, I was invited to participate in interview panels and contribute to building world-class development teams for the company," he said. "It was clear to me, early in my career, recruiters didn’t have the technical knowledge to screen candidates. We spent hundreds of hours interviewing candidates only to realize they didn’t meet basic technical qualifications. I faced the same problem after launching my first startup. That's how I saw the gap in the market that eTeki fills."

eTeki provides an interviews-as-a-service platform to complement HR departments and staffing agencies screening process by validating the tech skills of their candidates for a better job match. The platform is powered by a network of more than 2,500 hands-on IT professionals.

"With our pre-submittal screening, HR departments and also staffing agencies share vetted candidate profiles, skill scores, and interview videos to give the hiring manager a fast track to making the right hire.

There is no direct competitor that offers all our services in one platform," Nemani explained. "There are video platforms, tech assessment providers, freelance marketplaces, and third-party interview solutions but not one robust platform, until eTeki, which brings all of this together with an interview agenda work space, nimble scheduling tools, and a scoring rubric.”

Nemani's advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is that there is no such thing as failure and that you should embrace what others perceive as failure.

"Go right at it," he said. "Timing is crucial so it's important to validate the idea as early as possible, whether it's successful or a learning lesson. It's not a failure if you learn something for the next one. I'm a firm believer in going at it, fail fast if it's a failure and learn for the next one."


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