Becky Brantner

Sarasota, Florida

Purple Monkey Print & Design
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Becky Brantner, founder of Purple Monkey Print & Design, became an entrepreneur by accident and now can't imagine working any other way.

"I fell into it," she said. "I moved to Florida for a new company that I knew was a risk, but I thought why not. That lasted a year and by that time, I didn't want to move back North. There was nothing I wanted to do more than design and print because I'm passionate about visual concepts and getting messages across clearly. Someone suggested I go out on my own and I looked at them like they were crazy. When I thought about it, I had the relationships and the skills so I decided I could do it after all. I went to work for myself and have loved it ever since."

Purple Monkey is a print and design business that is customer centric.

"We make print easy," Brantner explained. I enjoy working with small business owners because they're usually the ones involved in their business and don’t have time for print or design so I take that element off their plates so they can focus on their business. I pick up and deliver to customers. They never have to leave their office. It's about building relationships. I know my customers by name and deliver to them personally. I build my business through word of mouth marketing. I don’t advertise."

Brantner's advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is to be prepared.

"So many people don’t realize the investment of time and money that's required," she said. "They say you lose money the first year, break even the second and on the third year, you make some profit. You have to be prepared to tighten your belt those first years. When you survive, you're set because there's nothing like working for yourself. It's worth every sacrifice I've made to get to this point and I'll never go back."


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