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Orlando, Florida

Vestagen Protective Technologies
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Ben Favret, founder of Vestagen Protective Technologies, is a biotech industry entrepreneur launching his second startup in the healthcare space.

"Three years out of college I was recruited to join a biotech startup firm, which was my first entre into startup world," he said. "I worked for a series of biotech companies that were sold before moving to Matrix Oncology which was also acquired. At that point, I co-founded an oncology startup called One Oncology and that's when I was introduced to the technology that inspired Vestagen. I had been in healthcare my entire life and saw the problem of healthcare worker exposure and risk. I learned about an athletic apparel company's innovative new fabric and thought it should be adapted to healthcare. I flew to Switzerland to work with them to develop a new fabric specifically for healthcare requirements."

Thus was born Vestagen, a medical apparel company that seeks to protect healthcare workers, patients and their families from biological exposure dangers.

"Vestex is only apparel endorsed by the American Hospital Association," Favret explained. "The reason is based on the research documenting its effectiveness improving safety and the results hospitals get when they implement the technology that helps them achieve key strategic initiatives like safety, patient satisfaction, and employee recruitment."

Favret's advice for aspiring entrepreneurs centers on continuous learning.

"You have to enjoy the learning process," he said. "Go in there with a mindset to learn. Begin with the end in sight. For your business plan, think through who will be the acquirer so you can set it up to achieve that reality. When you're raising money, it's really effective to ask for advice instead of for money. Have that learning mindset and ask how you can improve this and where are your weaknesses."


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