Bennet Hammer

Naples, Florida

Hammer IT Consulting, Inc.
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Learn about Florida Entrepreneur Bennet Hammer:

Dr. Bennet Hammer is the founder and president of Hammer IT Consulting, Inc., an IT and Security consulting company located in Naples, FL that provides IT hardware, security software and security service solutions to State and Local Government, Higher Education, K-12, Healthcare, and Corporate Entities throughout the United States.

Dr. Bennet Hammer is a Ph.D. graduate of Nova Southeastern University with extensive experience in the data security field. Dr. Hammer earned a doctorate degree in Information Systems with a concentration in Information Security, and also holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with previously earned degrees in Management and Computer Information Systems.

He is a detail-oriented data security executive with a talent for delivering custom data security solutions that substantially reduce cyber and social media risk. Dr. Hammer has worked across all business functions to protect corporate assets, reduce data breaches, and ensure information security across entire development life cycles. He provides data access policies that improve information security and maximize enterprise performance.

In addition, Dr. Hammer is a certified Social Media Security Professional (SMSP), Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), and Certified by Hewlett Packard Enterprise. He has conducted, documented and published research on a variety of topics relevant to the information security and social media security domain and presented the publications at various conferences throughout the United States.

What advice does Dr. Hammer have for aspiring entrepreneurs wanting to pursue an idea? "Believe in yourself and your dream and never give up," he said. "I'm up between 4am and 5am every day, but I do that by choice. I have passion for what I do. That's important. Do something that excites you. Go after those ideas and make it happen."


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