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Tampa, Florida

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Bethanie Nonami, founder of Memento, believes people can change the world, even after they are gone. "Memento helps people capture their stories, legacies and lives in a digital format and keeps it safe for future generations," she explained. "Putting everything precious about your life on Facebook or Dropbox is problematic because of those companies' terms and conditions. If you have it on Facebook, then Facebook owns it, not you. It's one of those things you don't think of until it happens and then it's almost too late."

Nonami's vision is that Memento will be your choice for a safe method of storing and organizing legacy digital assets and that those assets will reconnect individuals. "When my mother's illness began to worsen, my children were 2 and 4 years old," she said. "She was afraid they would forget her. It was important to her that her grandchildren knew who she was. After recording much of her life for them, I realized that I did not even know many things about her. For example, my mom dreamed of being a dancer and I never once saw her dance. I didn't know the biggest hope and dream of her life."

Nonami's vision is also that Memento will be used to enable the company's founding belief – that people can change the world, even after they are gone. That also is exactly what her mother, Morganna, wanted to do. "She wrote boxes of letters to my kids," Bethanie Nonami said. "The letters were to be given to them for certain events in their lives that she knew she would not see. She wanted them to be able to go to their grandmother to hear her wisdom on those topics like their first fight or heartbreak or losing a job – events where some people seek the comfort of a grandparent."

Nonami's advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is twofold. "The most important thing to get clear is whether people will pay to solve the problem you’re solving," she said. "Also, be open to getting feedback and let your idea take shape. Sometimes we are so married to the idea that we won't change it, but many of the best businesses pivoted to be what they needed to be to solve a problem people would pay money to be solved."