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Palm Harbor, Florida

Marley Nonami
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Bethanie Nonami, founder of Marley Nonami, believes in the old adage, "If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right."

"If we understand what your long term business strategy is, then we will guide you in the direction take the critical actions to meet those goals. We won’t just build a website knowing that it won't yield results," she said. "We're very focused on growth. If the result is something we can't measure and will help you grow, then we won't focus on it."

Marley Nonami is a consultancy that helps women business owners grow and scale their businesses by designing, building and improving businesses by automating their systems and processes from content marketing to lead generation.

"There are so many business owners just trying to keep up that they don’t have time to address things like keyword research and digital marketing," she explained. 'Even if they want to grow they can't because they don’t have the marketing, lead generation and systems and processes to support the growth. I'm combining this weird skillset of strategy, technology, analytics and marketing to help my clients understand that this online world has changed the way we do business. Even if you think word of mouth is your main lead generation channel, 68 percent of those referrals will Google you first, and if your reviews are bad or you don't have a strong online presence, that could cause you to lose that lead."

Nonami's advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is twofold. "The most important thing is to understand that the average person sees 4,000 to 10,000 ads per day, which is more than we saw in a month 30 years ago. Our attention span is becoming shorter and shorter with more distractions than ever before. This means you have 3-5 seconds to stand out online," she said. "Your website should tell someone who you serve and what your product or service means to them in 5 seconds, which will compel them to read more about you."


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