Betsi Hill

Fort Pierce, Florida

Sunshine Writing / Betsi's World
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Born and raised in Virginia, Betsi Hill, Founder of Sunshine Writing and Betsi's World, discovered her love of writing at a young age. Her mother was an English teacher and her grandfather owned and wrote for a local Virginia newspaper. After graduating from college with a degree in Public Administration, she dabbled in writing policy before finding her groove working for non-profits and churches. In addition to her routine administrative tasks, Hill was responsible for writing articles for websites, newsletters and various publications. As Hill shared, her journey eventually brought her to the Sunshine State where she founded a business that allows her to do what she loves and help others better communicate their dreams and visions.

"Jim and I are avid boaters," Hill said. "After living in Virginia Beach for about 20 years, we decided to sell our home and purchase a 47ft catamaran to wander the US east coast, Florida and the Bahamas. We were in search of warmer weather and a new adventure. We found what we were looking for in Ft. Pierce."

About a year or two after relocating to St. Lucie County, Hill decided the time was right to establish a business offering copywriting, ghost writing, blog posts, advertorial writing and social media management services. Hill's husband, Jim, who started and grew a defense contracting firm to over 500 employees while in Virginia, is also an accomplished photographer. Together, they represent a package of content creation and photography capable of assisting small to medium sized businesses with their marketing objectives.

"Sunshine Writing is the 'parent umbrella' for all of our services related to writing," Hill said. "Besides copy and ghost writing, we also offer social media creation, blog posts and more. Our niche is the luxury market and we do a lot of work with travel agents and real estate professionals. We utilize our 1M+ social reach to amplify social media and drive traffic and potential clients to these businesses."

Hill shared some of her early challenges with growing the business and what she enjoys most about what she does. "The market down here is very different," she said. "A lot of it comes down to having to sit with the business owners to show them the value of what we do. Most have never used this avenue to gain new business, so it's up to me to show them how beneficial it can be. For example, when you meet with most local Realtors, they don't talk much about the community or the vibe. However, if you're coming from out of state, you want to know these things. There's real value in communicating this information to your potential clients."

Hill continued, "When it comes to what I enjoy most, I think it comes down to networking and meeting professionals in the luxury market. I also really enjoy the challenge of creating unique social media campaigns targeted to driving website traffic and/or potential clients to professionals in the luxury market, including real estate professionals and travel professionals."

Looking ahead, Hill is in the process of leveling up her business to include more real estate and travel agencies. She offers a hands-off, turnkey program that she personally manages. This program is unique to the market and is designed specifically for each agency's individual needs and the needs of its multiple agents with the agency.

What advice does Hill have for aspiring entrepreneurs? "Dream big," she said. "Without a dream and a plan, you achieve nothing. Keep that dream goal in front of you; know your unique client and focus everything you do on that unique client."


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