Bill Borregard

Dade City, Florida

Borregard Construction, Inc.

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Learn about Florida Entrepreneur Bill Borregard:

For Bill Borregard, Owner and President of Borregard Construction, Inc. and native Floridian, pursuing a career in the construction industry was a foregone conclusion. At a young age, Bill worked every summer doing large commercial construction projects with his father. It was only natural that he would go on to the The University of Florida to earn a Bachelor of Science Degree in Building Construction.

"Out of college, I was hired by Gilbane Company," he said. "Among many other things, I worked on the construction and remodel of a McDonald Douglas missile manufacturing facility in Titusville. From there, I spent some time with a small company in Tampa before going to work for Walbridge (formerly Gulf Contracting). With Walbridge, I did mostly commercial work down in South Florida. In 1988, I went to work for Damone/Andrew, a Class A Office and Industrial Developer headquartered in Fort Lauderdale. I worked for them for four years in various Project Manager roles until I was ready to go out on my own."

In 1993, Bill founded Borregard Construction, Inc. Not long after establishing his business, he and his family relocated to the Tampa Bay area to position his business in a more central location. Bill shared some of the early challenges he experienced with gaining traction and growing his new business; however, his exemplary reputation supported his transition into owning his own business, proven by his first partnership; Damone/Andrew. The joint ventured produced multiple large commercial projects which resulted in the construction of 16 adult living facilities throughout Florida and North Carolina. This partnership would lay the foundation for much of Borregard Construction’s success.

Nevertheless, as Bill shared, success is sometimes short lived and all great business owners are able to adapt to changing times and, in some cases, change course to pursue new opportunities.

"The recession hit us pretty hard," he said. "One of the big adult living facility providers we worked with went bankrupt. It was like the rug got pulled out from under me. Fortunately, I'm a conservative operator and I didn't spend the prior years over-investing in expensive equipment and trucks. With the general decline in commercial work, I saw the need to pivot our focus to include residential construction. That side of construction has a whole different rhythm. From the subcontractor market to different construction means and methods, everything is different. It was work, but it was a good move after the recession."

Today, Borregard Construction is back to focusing primarily on commercial construction. That includes medical office buildings, veterinary clinics and retail spaces. Borregard, who loves nothing more than to see a satisfied and happy customer, shared how he works to set himself apart from competitors.

"It's all about exceptional customer care. We pride ourselves on being honest and forthright and we don't take advantage of people with things like Change Orders. Transparency, reliability and diligence set us apart time and time again.”

The Future is bright for Borregard Construction. Armed with their reputation, a growing team of talented General Contractors, and repeated successes, they are paving the way for a new era in Florida’s general contracting market.

What advice does Borregard have for aspiring entrepreneurs? "Get experience before you think about starting your own business," he said. "Once you decide to go in that direction, it would be prudent to talk to two or three other people in that industry first. Get them to paint the true picture of the highs and lows. Lastly, be sure to have enough available financial resources to cover payroll for at least a year when you first start out."


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