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Bill Davis, Founder, President and Co-Owner of IM Solutions (IMS), was raised and educated here in Brevard County and is committed to seeing his community grow wisely: environmentally, economically, and socially, with an emphasis on its cultural values and the way it governs itself. Bill and his wife and business partner, JoAnn, enjoy life along the Space Coast where they raise their two children.

His career followed a path similar to many other business leaders from engineer to entrepreneur. While attending the University of Central Florida, he interned with Lockheed Martin, a global aerospace, defense, security and advanced technologies company. Upon graduation, Davis put his engineering skills to the test, working on space-based interceptors for the Strategic Defense Initiative in the early 90’s. Later he transitioned from Aerospace to the Commercial Entertainment industry working for a German Firm where he spent 6 years as an image technology engineer and shortly thereafter promoted to VP of the North American division. Here he learned to run a system installation and rental business for state of the art and first High Definition Video Wall systems in the world. Davis said. "We developed large command and control centers for the military, huge moving video walls for BMW trade shows and even installed one in Bill Gate’s home in Seattle, Washington, that was very impressive.''

Bill gained valuable entrepreneurial experience leading the North American division of a global commercial entertainment firm, but wanted to leave the renting and staging market and focus on true system engineering. In December of 1999, Davis followed his own vision and formed IM Solutions based in Orlando. After a couple years in business, Davis wanted to get back to the coast and moved the business to Melbourne. His wife, who is also an aerospace engineer by training and education joined as a partner in 2003. As Davis shared, the first few years were critical for defining the business model and determining what services to focus on. From there, the business evolved, made pivots along the way and, over time, tailored its offerings based on market demand and business technologies.

"In the early 2000s we were all about audio and video," Davis said. "Our AV systems were engineered for boardrooms, conference rooms, command and control centers and video walls. Then we expanded into video conferencing. This is a vertical niche market. You have to be somewhat IT savvy, which we were although focused on AV systems. We concentrated our team’s training to be more focused on the new AVIT-related markets to be great system technologists. Then, in the mid to late 2000s, we expanded our product offerings with telephony to become even more diversified. Once cloud computing became more recognized and started to change the market, we strategically took a step back from telephony to see how the market would unfold. Over the last few years, it's been all about Unified Communications and data management transformation. This change in the business model was all about unifying the user experience to improve business communication and measurable outcomes for business success. This is where we've position ourselves as a technology solutions provider."

According to Davis, IM Solutions is a business technology solutions provider with extensive knowledge in business technology and systems design for audiovisual, IT-communications and business management software solutions. By partnering with IM Solutions, clients, including Northrop Grumman, Harris and many others, have access to a wide variety of services from one provider. Whether it's professional engineering services, audio-visual communications technology, business software or collaborative communication solutions, IMS has the know-how to design and implement these communication solutions tailed for your employee’s success.

Davis, who, as an entrepreneur at heart loves to see his business grow, embraces mistakes and is not afraid to try something new, is very optimistic about the future growth of IM Solutions. He's focused on continued and sustainable growth. His target is to continue growing at a rate of 25% with a goal of hitting $10 Million in yearly revenue.

What advice does Davis have for aspiring entrepreneurs? "Don't be afraid to ask questions and reach out for support from other companies," he said. "Entrepreneurs love to talk about their business. If they're willing to talk, then take advantage and listen. First and foremost, remember that accounting fundamentals are important measurables. Know your financial numbers and how you're going to make money. Balance sheet and income statement reports such as Profits/losses, cash-flow, liquidity and other indicators are critical. You have to have the right mind set. Entrepreneurs are people willing to work 80 hours a week so they don’t have to work 40 hours someplace else. Lastly, it's important to understand that it takes years to be successful in business. It's not something that's going to happen overnight. Stay focused on your goals and you will be successful!"


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