Bill Gallagher

Holly Hill, Florida

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Learn about Florida Entrepreneur Bill Gallagher:

Bill Gallagher founded Solar-Fit after graduating from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University to combine his twin passions of engineering and the environment.

“We help folks in our community save money and protect our environment by plugging into the sun,” he explained. “It just makes perfect sense to use the sun’s free energy to power your home, your air conditioner, your household water, and your pool. Our mission is to deploy clean energy systems in every home and business in the communities that we serve in Florida.”

After 41 years in business, Solar-Fit has completed more than 17,000 solar installations over seven Florida counties and averages two to four residential solar installations per day. Gallagher credits his team as the reason for the company's longevity. “We are blessed to have the finest team of dedicated individuals in regards to customer service and expertise in our field," he said. "The passion and efforts of every member of our team are the reasons for our longevity and our prospects for continued success.”

The hard work and customer focus has paid off, as the Solar-Fit team has been ranked one of the “Top 100 Rooftop Solar Contractors” in America. Bill plans to continue to develop the business and keep his foot on the accelerator. “Our goal is to continue to innovate”, he explained. “It’s one thing to follow a certain course because that’s how it has always been done. It is quite another thing to lead the way. We just introduced a line of solar powered lithium iron phosphate batteries so that our customers can have backup energy when the grid goes down and can also operate appliances at night using stored solar power to save additional utility costs. We believe that every day is a Sun day at Solar-Fit.”


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