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10 Things I learnt from Steve Jobs' Life that Resonate in the Wake of COVID-19

As I reflected on the life of Steve Jobs this past week, it dawned on me that the lessons I learnt could be applied to our COVID-19 response. There are several parallels, as we seek to respond effectively and get to the other side as better individuals no matter our status in life. Jobs had it all but, in the end, what really mattered? As humanity stares COVID-19 in the face and the realities of our frailties come to the fore let us ponder what really matters.

1. Control is an illusion.
It is a reality distortion trap. We control nothing really. Do the best you can and do not become a fanatic. It does not wear well, especially if you must interact with others (which is highly likely).

2. Treat people with respect full stop.
Great things can be accomplished without berating and belittling others. You may get them to push harder but the damage is certain. And they will never forget how you made them feel.

3.Take care of yourself and mind your health.
‘Let your food be your medicine and your medicine your food’. Whether you see your body as a temple or a playground, it is the only place you have to live in, on this plane.

4. Perfection is a flawed concept.
We should consistently do our best. However, there comes a point when you must ‘ship’. To move from 99.5% to 99.6% on the perfection scale (whatever that is), is not worth the herculean effort required. Plus, the harsh reality is that no one except you, might notice the difference or even care if you pointed it out. (Not the same as fixing a problem)

5. Pursue your passion but with your feet planted on the ground.
Figure out why are you here on earth, and when you do figure it out ‘just do it’. Market research is not a requirement, especially when everything is changing rapidly. Do not enrich the cemetery by going back with your ‘music’ stuck inside you.

6. Wealth and fame cannot buy life.
Disease has no respect for either. Yes, they can buy you a bit more time, by way of access to the best medical advice and resources but when the monitors beep and the line flattens, they do not matter.

7. Care deeply about what is important.
In order to care deeply, we must listen deeply. The world is not binary. People, ideas, products, and services are not always ’manure’ or genius. Do not judge everything from your point of view. This can be extremely dangerous and costly.

8. Dream BIG then make it happen.
Being a visionary is not about a fancy title or talking big. It is about getting up every day and making a dent in the Universe. Great if you can get others to join you on the journey.

9. Facing your mortality.
If you knew for certain that you would die in 6 months or less, what would you stop doing now? What would you start doing now? The fact is that tomorrow is not guaranteed to anyone. So, take a walk (as Steve Jobs would do) and think about this.

10. Love is the greatest force on earth.
When the lights turn off and you leave your ‘stage’ each day, all that truly matters are those around you who love you (not the fans, shareholders or customers). Relationships matter more than careers and public acclaim. Show more love and get some in return.
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