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A Mis-Placed XPerience Factor: Inside-Out vs. Outside-In

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel” – Maya Angelou

Everyone has heard the slogans – “do what you love and the money will follow”. It sounds great! What better way to live your life than to do what you love. So, you decide to jump off on your own and create your own business wrapped around your heart’s desire. You energetically go get your licenses, permits, find a place to “hang a shingle” (or hang it on the Internet), and GO! Grand Opening time! Press releases, blog posts, dignitaries showing up with re-usable red ribbons. It’s awesome.

Then one day about a week later - you sit there, and no emails are coming in, you have no phone calls, and well. Nothing.

A realization sets in. You are at the beginning of a journey. You don’t know how to do all the pieces and parts to make your business successful. You don’t know what you don’t know. Or you just don’t want to because you HATE bookkeeping. And you just wrapped your business goals around what YOU love and how you want to provide it and not what your customers NEED or WANT.

DataPsy sees this all the time. We call it the Mis-placed Xperience Factor. To fix this, you need to re-think HOW you think.

You’re thinking from the inside-out instead of the outside-in. Instead of thinking about how your customers are experiencing your business services, you are probably focusing instead on how YOU are experiencing your customers. After all – you are doing what you love and the customers just better like it because it’s all about you doing what you love and the money following.

Customers sense this perspective problem and it does not make them feel good. You want to switch this around to how they are experiencing your service.

Here’s an example from a Facebook hotel owner blog. Imagine that you are an exhausted traveler stopping in a town of overbooked hotels. It is 9:30 pm

- You: “Hi, can I book a room for tonight”

- Front Desk: “No, didn’t you read that it is well after check in time?”

- You: “Oh, but please I am really tired”

- Front Desk: “No, sorry – it is past our check in time”

The way that hotel owner thinks was evidenced on the blog - “I don’t understand why people think they can call at 9 pm at night and expect to get a room. Does anyone take people like this?”

YIKES! Really? That was in that front desk person’s head?

If I was that traveler, I sure would want the entrepreneur to think differently about MY experience in addition to their own. I just want a place to sleep.

In start-up phase, you must focus on how the customer is experiencing your product or service and wrap your service around that customer or guest! Your initial goal is to get customers – lots of them – and get them to tell their friends, write good reviews, and come back with their friends.

To make this successful, you must take the external customer perspective, not the internal one.

After thinking this way for a while you will find that you ARE doing what you love, and you are having other people appreciate that you are doing it because you cared enough to provide them with a good product or service in that moment where doing that probably cost you money. But you gained customers – and that will eventually lead to business success after you repeat it a lot of times.

DataPsy’s subsidiary, X Factor Institute teaches service providers how to think about Customer XPerience from the outside in instead of the inside-out.
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