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Be Productive Working from Home

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, many of us need to work from home. With social distancing, we feel separated by not having the personal interaction with our co-workers, clients, and our families. For some of us who always worked in an office, you may find many distractions working from home.

The key to being productive is to first organize your workspace. Set up your desk the way you may have in your professional environment. It may not be the same, as long you are able to find what you need when you need it. Find an area in your home, such as an extra bedroom or den that has a door. Having a door in your office will give you the opportunity to close when there may be too much going on in your home.

As you now have set up your office up to your liking, it is extremely easy to say, “I will finish this project tomorrow or start next week.” To avoid not getting your work done, it is important to make sure you have a defined daily schedule that you follow each day. This will keep you on track and be DISCIPLINE to yourself and your business. Give yourself a time limit for each project to avoid becoming overwhelmed. Look at the amount of work you need to complete, and start work that is easy to accomplish before working on projects that may be more involved. Set a timer and when the time goes off, hopefully you have completed the project. If not, no worries, schedule in for another day to complete or keep working and move your other projects to another day.

Play soft music or listen to the sounds of nature as you work. Music helps ease stress and will give you a calming effect to stay focused and may give you new ideas. You may want to give DIY newsletter tips, Facebook live to share your services, or a YouTube video. You will be surprised what comes to mind just by listening to music.

At the end of your workday, right down your “to-do list” for the next day, shut your computer down, close your office door and it is now time to RELAX! Whatever your relaxation is, reading a good book, enjoying your family, or maybe taking a quite walk, pat yourself on the back by saying “Job well done!”

Remember, you are in control of your destiny! Take a deep breath, get enough sleep and you will have a positive attitude each and everyday!
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