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Cuba, the forgotten market

We as Americans think of Cuba and a few things probably come to mind. Communism, missile crisis, cigars...The overwhelming majority of people when asked about Cuba and their opinions of it, are usually negative! Understandably, Cuba has been the spotlight of some serious issues for Americans, but have we forgotten the fact this market is virtually untapped! What if I told you that in recent years Cuba has seen an increase in tourism with a lack of options to get there or places to stay?

What if I told that 2019 tourism numbers to Cuba are expected to reach 5.1 million tourists? It's true! This brings us to a serious question though, how are these people getting there? Everyone reading this, I urge you to go try and find a commercial flight to Cuba. Seriously, go look and see if you can fly to Cuba directly. Good luck with getting a tourist visa!

For people like me that are always up for a challenge and always looking to solve some of the hardest problems possible. I dove into the idea of finding a way to get a tourist to this amazing Caribbean destination. After all, no one would think twice about traveling to Jamaica or the Florida Keys. Let’s face it though, we all want to go on vacation and experience something different. The Keys are amazing, but it is a tourist trap. Jamaica has some amazing spots but how many of us want to sit on a Cuban beach and sip tequila and smoke a hand-rolled Cuban cigar? I’m going to go on a limb and say quite a few of us!

Let’s digress though. If you took the time to research a way to get to Cuba, you noticed it is not that easy. With restrictions left and right its borderline a complete hassle. How do we make it easier? How do we get you to the Cuban vacation of your dreams? Simple, private air charters. Let me rephrase that before everyone instantly goes “No way I can afford that!” “Maybe one day I could do that!”. Affordable! Air charters. This is a topic for a whole different blog post though! Just trust me. Yes, some charters charge and arm and a leg for service but with Russell Aviation we have a different take on the Private charter market. Back to Cuba!

The United Kingdom and France are all starting to realize this completely undervalued market! Why are we not hopping on this opportunity? The Cuban government is quickly opening its markets to foreigners. The United States is looking to loosen its restrictions on Cuba, this is quickly becoming a situation where it will be a floodgate opening to the Cuban market! How do you get ahead of it though? How do you make a profit off a market that was essentially forgotten to communism? These are the questions we started asking at Russell Aviation and figured what better place to offer this the solution than on here!

Not to cut off too soon but, we will be creating more blog posts on our thoughts and ideas with tourism to Cuba and slowing updating our progress on this.
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