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Hiring Independent Contractors

As many small business owners continue to seek the most efficient methods to operate their businesses, procuring the services of independent contractors instead of hiring employees has become increasingly popular.

There advantages to using the services of an independent contractor, however, there are also disadvantages.


Monetary Savings: While independent contractors are paid more per hour than employees, employers usually end up paying more to hire employees. When you hire an employee, there are a number of expenses which must be paid such as: social security and Medicare taxes, state unemployment compensation, and workers’ compensation insurance.

Flexibility in Staffing: Hiring an independent contractor allows for a al carte production. Once the specified project is finished, the need for the independent contractor ends unless the employer decides to enter into a contract for another specified project.


Less Control: Independent contractors enjoy more autonomy than employees. Therefore, the employer has less control over the work flow of the independent contractor.

Termination Depends on Agreement: The terms related to termination of an independent contractor will rely on the agreement. Unlike at-will employees, an employer does not possess the unrestricted right to terminate an independent contractor.

Liability for Injuries: Independent contractors are not covered by workers’ compensation, which means that if they are injured on the job, they may be able to recover directly from the employer.
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