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If A Video Plays In The Woods…

During the course of 2017, Red Apples Media will have produced approximately 575 video elements. We call them “elements” because they may range in length from 60 seconds to 60 minutes, with the majority in the 2-3 minute range – or as we like to call it, “The Sweet Spot.”

And, even though we believe that video is by far the most valuable form of marketing in today’s multi-screen environment, we also recognize that there is one critical element that is very often left to the client which can make or break the success of the investment.

While most traditional media and advertising investments are hand-offs, video is not. In other words, if you buy a print ad, or a TV commercial, or a billboard, once you complete the creative, you hand it off to the company that is going to run it and you’re essentially done. With video, once the video is completed and delivered, what you do with it, where you post it, how you share it, is generally left to the client – unless the client is providing administrative access to their social media, website, YouTube, email database, etc. (which several of our clients do entrust us with).

At Red Apples, we like to use the expression that “The POPE loves video!” POPE is our acronym for “Produce Once. Put Everywhere.” There is no other media investment where you can leverage the creative across multiple platforms without having to pay for those platforms (generally speaking). Want your billboard to appear on 10 facings? You’re paying 10 times! Want your video to appear on your website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo (the list goes on), once the video is produced, you’re options are practically limitless.

However…. If you fail to do so, or fail to post in a proper and strategic method which draws viewers, followers and search engines, you’re going to be very disappointed in your investment. In other words, If a video plays in the woods and no one knew about it, did it really play?

Few things are more frustrating to a multimedia video production and marketing company than turning over a spectacular video production upon completion, which hits all the right messaging, maximizes the efficiencies and creates value, only to learn that the final video file simply sat on the client’s computer desktop. Well, there is one thing that’s worse – all of that and then the client tells the production company they are disappointed in the results of the video investment.

To me, this is no different than buying a brand new car, parking it in the garage, leaving it there and then complaining, “Honey, I can’t believe the neighbors haven’t said anything about our new car.”

Produce it, but then push it! Let us know if you need help.
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