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Time Management

Do we, as entrepreneurs, manage time or does it manage us?

Most people live within the confines of a twenty-hour day.

How do you prioritize what must get done, what can wait and what do you do if the entire list must be addressed simultaneously?

This strategy often referred to as rise and repeat does not always yield profitable returns on investment.

At some point human factors, the need for time to revitalize both mentally and physically have to be calculated into the time management equation.

How can you work smarter not harder?

Here are some ideas to manage time...

1. Prioritize what needs to be addressed first, not necessarily what’s easiest to complete

2. Make a Most Important Items list (MII)

3. Use a organizational routine to maintain a sense of control of time?

4. Set goals-create a list every evening for the next day

5. Set up a time management system and delegate tasks-remember to delegate!

6. Identify good habits e.g. exercise, meditate, read, think time or blue sky

7. Identify time wasters e.g. clutter, disorganization, negative self-talk

8. Eliminate or reduce distracting behaviors such as spending too much time scanning spam or junk mail

9. Balance the benefit of using social media vs. randomly scowering it for ideas

10. Remember that mental and physical breaks are good for you and your business
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