Bob and John Logan

Kissimmee, Florida

Logan Carpet Cleaning, Inc.

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Learn about Florida Entrepreneur Bob and John Logan:

Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, brothers Bob and John Logan, owners and founders of Logan Carpet Cleaning, have spent the past three decades establishing a reputation built on dependability, honesty, quality and affordable services. From one machine to five trucks and a handful of employees, the Logan brothers worked hard to grow their clientele base and continue to surpass expectations. Bob shared the story behind their journey and what the future holds for the thirty year-old family business.

"My brother John was the first to move to Florida," Bob said. "He followed a friend of his and took a job with Disney. I wasn't too far behind and also got a job with Disney. John and I worked together for a few years before he left and did some other things. I stayed with Disney for nine years and John eventually became a manager with the Acme Boot outlet store in Kissimmee."

In 1988, Bob and John's father, who worked as a roofing contractor in Wisconsin, had a conversation with his neighbor about a new carpet cleaning method that would drastically improve the process. Bob, John and their father, immediately saw the potential and didn't hesitate to get certified. It didn't take long before Bob and John were cleaning carpets on the side. Bob worked at Disney in the morning and cleaned carpets in the afternoons, while John took the morning shift. As Bob shared, business slowly picked up and eventually the two brothers left their day jobs.

"At the time, we lived in an apartment complex," Bob said. "We started to get jobs within the complex and it grew from there. After my dad got a contracting job at a place where they sold carpet cleaning equipment, he was able to get us a steam cleaner and some blower fans for a good price. We were now able to steam clean carpets, furniture and could even do extraction jobs. We went door to door, put out flyers and, through word of mouth and quality work, we picked up a few more apartment communities. At this point, we were busy enough to leave our day jobs. John was first to leave and go full time on the business. I followed not long after."

This was around the time when Bob and John bought their first van and gasoline-powered truck mount. They built their clientele base to include 27 apartment complexes. They added a second van, and then a third and then hired their first technician. Business was good, but as Bob explained, a slight pivot was necessary to keep things on track.

"We were getting burnt out working with the apartment complexes," he said. "As an emergency services company, you're always on the clock. We'd get calls in the middle of the night and during holidays to excavate a flooded apartment. It was too much. As a result, we changed course and started doing more residential work. Today we mostly work with individuals, property management companies, real estate companies and vacation home rentals. It's a good mix. When one area is slow, you usually have business in another."

What Bob and John enjoy most is taking a dirty carpet or dirty grout and making it look brand new. Customers are amazed at what they can do. Whether it's a flooded house, a pet stained piece of furniture or a carpet that needs to be cleaned and stretched, Logan Carpet Cleaning gets the job done in the least invasive way possible. They've worked with the City of Kissimmee, the City of St. Cloud, the Elks Lodge, the Moose Lodge, churches and other organizations throughout Central Florida. Their good work has earned them, on several occasions, the Readers Choice Award from the Osceola News Gazette.

Looking ahead, bob is hopeful his oldest son, who currently works as a technician, will one day take over operation of the business. In the short-term Bob and John are committed to delivering exceptional results and a high level of customer service that so many clients have come to expect.

What advice does Bob have for aspiring entrepreneurs? "My dad once told me that, 'bean by bean, the bag gets full'," he said. "In other words, penny by penny, you make your money. It's all about hard work and keeping your head to the grindstone. We never financed our business in order to grow. We slowly grew it, paid for things as we went and learned how to fix our own machines. We took baby steps. We were very conservative along the way."


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