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DeLand, Florida

Clingan Capital Funding, LLC
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The alternative financing industry is one that provides life-saving access to capital for businesses looking for alternatives or for those with nowhere else to turn. Bobby Clingan, Owner of Clingan Capital Funding and a Certified Lease & Finance Professional, has helped business owners since 2012 with loans, lines of credit, cash advances and pretty much any form of capital needed to launch or grow their business. Bobby credits much of his success to being honest and by providing creative and out-of-the box solutions.

"If you're looking for capital to start a business or to grow your business, you will talk directly to me. You won't get passed around to different people. I'm a United States Veteran with six years military service and I pride myself on being honest and having a great record. We have a variety products that all correlate with each other to get you to where you want to be. We deal with direct lenders, as oppose to dealing with other brokers. This ensures that our clients will only pay for one broker fee," said Bobby.

Clingan Capital Funding, LLC is a nationally recognized leader in commercial finance. They work with small, medium, and large businesses and have a broad portfolio of financial products to provide the capital their clients need. "Whether you're looking for equipment financing, business cash advances, unsecured lines of business credit, SBA loans, startup business financing, commercial real estate financing or construction loans, we got you covered," he said.

Before Bobby started Clingan Capital Funding, he Installed IT equipment for banks and also worked as a sale engineer for a major cable company. The inspiration for Clingan Capital actually came from one of his service jobs with the cable company. "I was out doing a cable installation for WiFi at a hotel. The owner and I started talking and told me about how challenging it was for him, a foreign national, to get capital in order to fix up his hotel. That got me thinking. I did some research and was able to help him secure $35,000 in capital to fix up his property," he said. Shortly after that experience, Bobby quit the cable company and started his own business.

Bobby is motivated by helping his clients. "I get really excited when I can bring money to the closing table and help people get into a business as oppose to a house," he said. We asked Bobby to share a success story with us. "About 2 years ago, I had a customer that was late on her shopping complex and about ready to go into foreclosure. She needed to refinance her building. She couldn't get money from a traditional bank because of late payments. I was able to refinance her property and got her 75% LTV on the property. The property was saved," he said.

What advice does Bobby have for aspiring entrepreneurs? "Lack of capital is the number one reason why businesses fail in the first two years. Don't let that happen to you," he said. He also recommends that you establish a history of good business credit. "A relatively easy way to build your business credit is with business credit cards. A good business credit score will help you get loans and better rates," he said. He also recommends Jeffrey Gitomer books on sales training.


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