Boris and Natasha Nekrasova

Punta Gorda, Florida

Aviation Partners Group
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Boris and Natasha Nekrasova, founders of Aviation Partners Group, launched their business in 2006 and grew it to a 30 employee company with international offices that has shipped to more than 100 countries. In fact, the company was recognized by GrowFL as one of 50 Florida Companies To Watch in 2014 because of its exemplary growth.

"Boris is a very active, smart person and when he was close to 40, it was not enough for him to be an employee," Natasha Nekrasova said. "He started his business in 2000 when Russia was growing along with the small general aviation aircraft industry there. He engineered and installed American avionics equipment for the new planes being designed at the time."

The pair began doing business in Florida in 2006 and moved to the area thereafter. Having started in aviation equipment sales, the company diversified into service and maintenance as well so that in 2017, Aviation Partners Group sells, installs, repairs and maintains avionics equipment in addition to providing aircraft and helicopter airframe, engine and propeller service.

Nekrasova's advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is about persistence and patience. "Never give up," she said. "If it looks like there's no room to move, just stop and wait a little bit. Take small steps and it will come."
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