Brandon Meehan

Port Orange, Florida

Meehan's Mobile Headlights

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Learn about Florida Entrepreneur Brandon Meehan:

Brandon Meehan founded Meehan's Mobile Headlights after he innovated a new process for restoring headlights that solved nagging problems that had plagued the industry for decades.

"When I worked for BMW, I noticed that after I repaired a vehicle, one damaged headlight would often have to be replaced while the other original headlight remained. If the original headlight was yellow or cloudy, the difference looked terrible," he explained. "I tried retail restoration kits but the fix never lasted. The kits were just smearing around the problem. I researched the cause of the problem, I uncovered the defect in the process and I designed my own system that improved dramatically over others. It started more as my personal commitment to excellence while working at BMW."

Meehan's process restores headlights to brand new condition for years instead of mildly improving the clarity for weeks like the competition does. However, it took a chance encounter with a client to prompt Meehan to turn his innovative process into a business.

"Initially, I only restored headlights as an employee while the owner marked up my service. I never met the client," Meehan said. "Then one day I handled a customer directly who wanted to avoid paying $6,000 for new headlights for his BMW. I told him that I could make them look like brand new lights and that he wouldn't be able to tell the difference. When he saw the end result of the restoration, he thought I put new lights in. He couldn't believe they were the same lights that had been restored. That was the first time I saw the customer's reaction to the repair. He asked me if I ever thought about doing this as my own business. His overwhelming reaction to the restoration and planting of the idea to do this as a business was the spark that led me to start Meehan's Mobile Headlights."

Meehan's advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is to not let fear or doubt hold you back. "Do your research," he said. "Sometimes you just have to go for it. Change is difficult. It's easy to get comfortable doing a job. If it's something you love doing, then do it because many people who are successful in life are successful because they went and did something they enjoyed and are good at. If you don't try, you've already failed. If you don't try you'll never know. If you tried and it doesn't work out, then you move on. Not doing it is actually failing."


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