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Jacksonville, Florida

SmartBox Company
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Learn about Florida Entrepreneur Brandon Stallings:

Shortly after his 20th birthday, Brandon started his journey as an entrepreneur by purchasing a Fresh Healthy Vending franchise. He operated this franchise while attending school full-time at Florida State University and was the exclusive vendor for the Leon County school system. After almost two years operating this franchise, he discovered he could do more and at a lower cost. Brandon relocated to Jacksonville and launched SmartBox Company in 2012. Ever since has been on a quest to be the go-to health snack services company. SmartBox Company is a one-stop-shop for your break room offering vending machines, mini marts, catering, office coffee, snack basket delivery and more.

The company has six employees and is the first to integrate vending machines that communicate wirelessly. Along his journey, Brandon has looked at leaders like Spartacus, Genghis Khan, Brett Favre, Benjamin Franklin and others for inspiration and motivation. In addition, he has worked with resource agencies including the Twelve Mavens CEO Group, PS27 Ventures and the JAX Chamber.

His insight on entrepreneurship is that you must always be always learning. Many times you don’t know what you don’t know. In addition, entrepreneurship is a way of life. You often don’t have a work-life balance because you’re always thinking about how to sustain and grow your company. In the end, you will have to find ways to enjoy yourself but recognize that too often your work will come home with you.
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