Brandon Warner

Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Wuji Technology
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Learn about Florida Entrepreneur Brandon Warner:

Brandon began his entrepreneur journey out of the desire to work on the projects he wanted to work on. In April 2016, he launched his own company called Wuji Technology which focuses on socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable projects. His company works with businesses to understand how to use technology to get their goals.

Prior to launching Wuji Technology, Brandon worked for eight years in Human Resources Shared Services as a Business Analyst Manager at Citibank. Some of the business resources he has used during his journey include the JAX Chamber, JAX Community of Entrepreneurs, One Spark, SBDC and SCORE.

The book "The Hard Things about Hard Things" has made an impact on his journey. Brandon encourages other aspiring entrepreneurs to stay lazer focused and not allow yourself to go into too many different directions. Ultimately, this isn't effective and will spread yourself too thin. Also, anytime you think there isn't a resource to help with a particular aspect of your business, there actually is.
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