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Learn about Florida Entrepreneur Bryan Croft:

Bryan Croft, President and CEO of Holmes Custom, credits GrowFL's CEO Nexus as a top reason for the company's success.

"I can count the five critical factors of our success and the CEO Nexus is one of them," he said. "Plenty of people have lots of education and experience; but no one knows everything. Going to a CEO roundtable with an open mind and surround yourself with other smart people, well that is priceless. This mechanism of a peer group of qualified CEOs is something you should definitely participate in and learn from."

Holmes Custom was founded in 1954 by Owen Holmes and Bob Croft, they manufacture personalized products. Bryan purchased it from them in 2009

"We create personalized products that can be anything from rubber stamps to name badges," he explained. "We put a lot of emphasis into efficiency. We tell our customers our product takes 2-3 days to make which is faster than the competition, and then we tell our team to ship it tomorrow so we under-promise and over-deliver. We can do that thanks to our investment in IT and focus on efficiency."

Crofts’ advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is rooted in his 19 years of experience in what he calls a “64-year-old startup. “

"So many entrepreneurs think they need to create the next Uber," he said. "That's very difficult to do. Instead of trying to create the next unicorn, take an existing business and modernize it."
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