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Exceptional Service Builds Customers (Webinar)

From SCORE Mid Florida - https://midflorida.score.org/content/take-workshop-6: One of the best ways to grow your business is to provide your customers with exceptional service. Such service encourages customer loyalty and can distinguish your business from competitors even if the products or services are similar. Also loyal customers become a base for repeat business and are likely to spread the word to their friends and family. This webinar will help you explore ways that your business can turn customer service into a competitive advantage. John Maggio is a skilled executive manager with broad experience in both corporate America and as an entrepreneur in his own business. This webinar is free but pre-registration is required.

Small Business Advertising Tactics (Webniar)

From SCORE Mid-Florida - https://midflorida.score.org/content/take-workshop-6: As a small business, keeping an eye on the bottom line is especially crucial. So often business owners, while knowing that good advertising is essential to reaching their clients and customers, just don’t know the “right tactics” to use while going about it. In a rush with an intense eye on the budget, many will just throw their limited funds at any marketing option available in hopes that something will stick against the wall. Not only does this marketing strategy not work but it’s also a waste of valuable resources. In the end, company owners become inadvertently disillusioned with advertising and marketing as a whole. Bonnie Mauldin is here to say that, “It is time to change your advertising tactics!” Through Bonnie’s talk, small businesses learn the exact ingredients needed in their unique industry to create, implement and carry out a successful marketing-advertising campaign. You will learn… What makes up a solid, responsible, results-producing marketing strategy. The most common marketing mistakes made by small businesses and more importantly, how to avoid them. What the options are for marketing on your own and using a marketing company. The When, Where, Why and How of great advertising tactics. What makes up a profitable marketing-advertising campaign investment (budget) and realistically, how long it takes to pay off. Fee: $40 In light of the economic situation caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus, this online workshop is being offered at a discount. When registering Apply Promo Code 1125NMA to receive a 25% discount.

Adapting Your Business Operation to the New Normal (Webinar)

From SCORE Mid Florida - https://midflorida.score.org/content/take-workshop-6: The COVID-19 pandemic is causing many businesses to make dramatic changes in the way they communicate and conduct business with both economic and strategic implications. These changes will define a “new normal” based on how businesses incorporate social distancing guidelines into their normal operations. For example, video meetings have become an essential part of how businesses communicate with co-workers, clients, and suppliers. This change can impact the way businesses structure their organizations going forward. The “new normal” has advantages that will shape the future of the economy. This webinar will explore the changes most likely to continue as we emerge from the shutdown as well as the technologies that are available to allow business owners to re-think how to adapt to these changes. Marcia Bloom is an experienced entrepreneur in the real estate field with expertise in organization, marketing, and dealing with clients and vendors. She is a SCORE mentor and has taught accounting software products at the community college level. This webinar is free but pre-registration is required.

Find Your Competitive Advantage (Webinar)

From SCORE Mid Florida - https://midflorida.score.org/content/take-workshop-6: To get customers and grow, your business must distinguish itself from the competition in some meaningful way, so customers choose to buy from you. As Jack Welsh famously said, "If you don't have a competitive advantage, don't compete." This webinar will help you understand competitive advantage and define yours - be it location, brand name, innovation, customer service, or something else. You will gain insight into how to leverage your competitive advantage to stand out in your marketplace. Our presenter, Randi Luoto, has 35+ years of experience in marketing, consumer research and competitive intelligence. As research director or manager, she has led many research teams and projects for major corporations; she holds a "green belt" certification in Six Sigma process improvement methodology. She is a former chapter chair and past assistant district director at SCORE. This webinar is free but pre-registration is required.

FSMSDC 35th Annual Business Expo

The FSMSDC 35th Annual Business Expo is a 2-day, full interactive online event that delivers power-packed learning and networking opportunities. Our theme is "Ready! Set! Grow" and our mission is link corporations and government agencies with Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs) to foster business development and expansion. The event draws business leaders from across Florida and the nation. It includes a unique cross-section of minority entrepreneurs, large corporations and government agencies to create new relationships, ventures and opportunities for growth. Features include: -Real-time One-on-One Appointments with Top Corporate Buying Decision-makers -Do Business with the Biggest Buyer in the World (Government Contracting) Workshop -Direct, Consultations & Advice from Industry Leading Experts -Getting Access to Funding (Business Loan-a-Thon) -Supplier Diversity Roundtable (Corporate members only) -Business-2-Business Interactive Trade Fair -Win Proposals & Deals Bootcamp -Access to Interactive Networking Lounge (Learn More) https://www.floridastatebusinessexpo.com/

Pivot Your Business to Success (Webinar)

From SCORE Mid Florida - https://midflorida.score.org/content/take-workshop-6: Many industry segments are impacted by the pandemic. If your business is suffering because the pandemic has changed customer buying practices or needs, you need to evaluate whether you can adapt or transform your business in order to remain viable. This webinar will help you understand how to evaluate your options and devise a new strategy for success. Our presenter, Bob Lanier, has extensive experience across a range of industries in business analysis and optimization. This webinar is free but pre-registration is required.