CaMilo Hernandez II

Deltona, Florida

Cassieco Administrative & Tax Services LLC

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Please describe your business and tell us what makes it unique.

We are your own Personal Business Office Administrator, Bookkeeper, Accountant and Financial Consultant. We provide bookkeeping services on monthly, quarterly or however often it is needed. We provide reconciliations of bank accounts to produce financial reporting. We offer many different options customized for your individual needs. We prepare Individual and/or Business Tax Returns for Federal and/or States as required. We have business and personal clients in many states.

On a personal level, I’m a Certified Management Accountant (CMA), with a Bachelors in Business Administration, who strives to educate all my clients to understand their books, financials reports and tax returns. I treat all my clients equally, whether small or large; personal or business, with quality services. I believe in keeping prices reasonable and affordable for Professional Quality work.

Where are you from and why did you choose to live and do business in Deltona?

My wife and I were born and raised in Newark, NJ (a.k.a. Brick City). We are of Puerto Rican heritage (Hispanics) academically schooled in NJ and FL.

My wife needed specialized medical treatment that was immediately available at John Hopkins in Maryland. We were in Baltimore for 11 days and proceeded to drive down to Clermont, FL, where my wife has family. I needed to make sure someone was available for her until I finished up a contractual commitment in Manhattan, NY, so I left her with her mom. When my contract was completed in June 2008; we purchased a home in Deltona and have been there since.

When and why did you start your business?

First of all the Why: I love to crunch numbers.

I’ve actually done tax prepping in Newark since 1984 under the company name The Tax Terminators. Due to the economy in 2008, I couldn’t restart my tax business here in Deltona because most of our savings was spent buying our home and relocating from NJ. Instead I “upgraded myself” buy going back to school to complete a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. I already had an Associate’s degree in Accounting at the time; which I later completed some post university studies to receive a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting Principles. I was a Magna Cum Laude in both of my degrees.

What were you doing before and what's your professional background look like?

I was involved in the General Construction field as an accounting clerk and bookkeeper in 1977. I later got an opportunity to work in the Construction Management field in 1982 as a Jr Construction Accountant and from there I took many free summer college courses to achieve a promotion to Senior Construction Accountant for a Construction Real Estate Developer, and to finally reach where I am today: A Semi-Retired Bean-Counter.

Academically, as I mentioned before, I have the Bachelor’s in Accounting Principles and Business Administration and a minor in Business Marketing. I have been a nationally accredited Certified Management Accountant (CMA), a specialized field slightly higher than a general CPA, since 2014.

What challenges have you faced with growing your business? What have you done to overcome those challenges?

Though I have the background and knowledge to work with the “big dogs” of the financial accounting and construction development industry; I have chosen to work for “the little guy”. I now specialize in small business administration and development and individual tax accounting at all levels since I officially restarted my accounting business in 2010.

I have been blessed with having very minor negative challenges when I restarted in Deltona. I used my marketing schooling to let the locals know that I have the advanced experience to help them out without costing them an arm or leg. What helped me grow my client base was that many of the local CPAs were ripping people off using their certification to charge exuberant fees and many of my clients also came from the cookie-cutter tax agencies that are willing to take your money during tax season and then disappear when you need their help later in the season.

I am ready to meet any challenge that may come my way.

How have you grown your business?

Word of mouth; an ancient marketing tool, has helped me grow my client base to a point that I will be capping out soon and also See above

What are your future goals for the business?

I'm here to help the Small Business owner learn how to prosper.

What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Don't be discouraged by your earning during your first couple of years. They are your formative years and you can only learn by trying and asking questions from business professionals.

Do you have any business/entrepreneurship books, podcasts, tools, and/or resources you'd recommend for other entrepreneurs?

I recommend you research and seek out all the FREE resources and schooling that is available out there in the WWW. Many colleges and universities offer low cost classes in the summer when campuses are slim. You’re never too old to learn and educate your clients by encouraging them to ask questions.

These are the books I keep and highly recommend: Understanding Business (ISBN 978-0-07-351170-2), Operations Management (ISBN 978-0-13-611941-8), Essentials of Business Communication (ISBN 978-0-17-672845-8), Essentials of Marketing (ISBN 978-0-07-131702-3) and Critical Thinking: A Beginners Guide (ISBN 978-1-54-296614-6).

All these Editions are from 2009-2012 so if you do find them, they will cost only a few dollars; not the hundreds that they cost me when I first purchased them.


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