Carlos Ribeiro

Kissimmee, Florida

SmartX Technology, Inc.
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Carlos Ribeiro, founder of SmartX Technology, Inc., could not help but return to entrepreneurship after working for 15 years for the company that purchased his first startup. For his encore, Ribeiro launched SmartX, a company that automates asset tracking and management using smart technology like RFID, beacons and sensors.

"Our main differentiator is that we are a single source for our customers. We provide the software dashboard, the asset sensors as well as the tracking devices,” Ribeiro explained. “Our Software is deployed on any mobile device, such as smartphone or tablet. This decreases the man hours in doing inventory, saving thousands of dollars in physical inventory auditing. It also enhances loss prevention because you can immediately track if something is missing in real-time. Another innovation is that we are using aerial drones to do asset tracking. We are able to perform parking lot aerial scans that identify hundreds of vehicles in mere minutes. We can even identify cattle and livestock in fields to prevent loss and theft. These are just two examples of how we can help our clients in keeping track of their inventory and property in spread-out areas."

Ribeiro's first startup created an automated solution to price estimation in the engineering phase of mechanical industrial projects like vehicle manufacturing. He returned to entrepreneurship for the love of the process. "I have the DNA to manage people and move things forward," he said. "That's what motivated me to have more space to create things and push people to realize a vision. I love starting businesses and making good products for the community."

Ribeiro's advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is passion, balance and support. He singled out the UCF Business Incubator Program in Kissimmee as an example of strong support his company has received. "Passion is just one part," he said. "Don't rely only on your feeling. You must tame your passion with reason and good business decisions. You need a foundation with good financial planning. Be prepared to support zero cash flow for some time while you're launching your business."


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