Carrie Adams

Vero Beach, Florida

Adams Media Group

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Learn about Florida Entrepreneur Carrie Adams:

Prior to launching Adams Media Group in 2013, Carrie Adams served as the Director of Advertising & Public Relations for a large ophthalmic surgical group practice. Over the course of 16 years, she honed her advertising and public relations skills and became very acquainted with the medical industry. Wanting to take those skills, experience and knowledge and apply them to other industries, she set out on her own.

"At the time, I felt like I had gone as far as I could in that career," Adams' said. "I loved the position and working with the doctors, but I wanted to apply my skills to other industries, to challenge myself. When I initially took the leap, it was just me working out of my house. I used freelancers on the side. Last year, I added my first employee and we were still working out of my home office. I decided it was time to rent office space. Besides needing the more professional environment due to the addition of a full time staff member, I really needed some work life separation. Since then, things just took off. In less than a year, the office space has doubled in size and we have six people on staff. There's been a lot of demand for our services."

Those services include advertising, branding, marketing strategy, public relations, social media marketing and website design. As a full-service agency, Adams Media Group is able to assist with every aspect of your marketing campaign and strategic planning. This, along with Adams' staff, which consists of young and talented professionals with fresh ideas, is what sets them apart from some of the other agencies in Vero Beach.

Since the beginning, Adams hasn't needed to do any advertising to grow her business. There's been plenty of business. In fact, one of her early challenges was getting all the work done with limited resources. Adams' present day challenge is something most entrepreneurs can relate to. "It's not easy finding the right people," she said. "Personnel is definitely one of our biggest current challenges." Nonetheless, she's done a tremendous job attracting and retaining young and energetic designers and marketers.

Adams loves seeing a finished, high quality product and a happy client. The surgical practice, where she first started her career, continues to be one of those happy clients and Adams is proud to maintain that relationship. She's also big on giving back to her community. Adams and her employees participate in Meals On Wheels and she personally donates to other charities throughout the year. She serves on the board of directors of the Indian River County Chamber of Commerce and United Against Poverty.

Adams has some great advice for new entrepreneurs. "You need to be okay with being poor for a year or so," she said. "When I first started, I paid myself very little and spent many nights working late thinking, 'why am I doing this?'. It's definitely not for everyone. It's also important to have the attitude that nothing is beneath you. When I interview people, I tell them, 'nothing is beneath me, so nothing should be beneath you'."


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