Channing Bond

Winter Park, Florida

Faithful Over Little
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Channing currently teaches students who are visually impaired for the Orange County Public School District. She has the desire to create and build something of her own while giving others the opportunity to earn for themselves. This led her to launch a home-based travel agency in November 2015. In the near future she would like to be running the travel agency full-time while onboarding other home-based agents so they can grow together.

Her vision long-term is to launch a virtual afterschool program for the visually impaired so they can continue to build their skills after the school-day ends. During her entrepreneurship journey, Channing has utilized the services provided by the National Entrepreneur Center for assistance with business planning and to attend entrepreneur-focused events. A lot of her research is conducted online using Google and she also follows the highly acclaimed personal finance book Brass Knuckle Finance.

She tells other entrepreneurs there is no great formula to being in business. If you truly have an idea then make a plan and get started. Ensure you’re in good legal standing and find mentors or even competitors that you can learn from. Lastly, make yourself available and stop and say a prayer every once and awhile.
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